Friday, October 03, 2008

Batty over Betty

Meet Betty the Bat, isn't she cute??
T suggest now I have to knit her a little companion named Benedict. I really like that name so fitting for a little bat. So tomorrow I need to knit another one!
T's heritage report was a success and he got 198 out of the 200 points. Resulting in an A!
Every student in his class had to write a little comment on what they learned from his report.
Hilarious, J and I had a big laugh about some of them.
I saved them together with his report, so he can laugh about them when he is all grown up.
Weather forecast for tomorrow is rain! Yes............ I really hope it is going to rain, we so need the water, plus I love it!!
I just like sitting on the couch early in the morning with my cup of coffee and looking out into the garden and watching the rain.
Good news is that the groceries are in the house so we don't need to go out for anything.

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anita said...

Nou ik ben wel heel benieuwd naar alle comments (hihihihi)


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