Saturday, October 18, 2008


This week was a busy one, and I was tired yesterday, my body needed rest.
So I gave in and took a little nap yesterday afternoon. Lovely, long nap.
Due to my nap there where no groceries, so that had to be done today.
So I dragged myself to the grocery store this morning, bought all the necessary items to feed the family for a week and went home.
The lady behind the register either could not speak (at all) or it was just not her day and did not want to open her mouth (at all). Weird really weird, and believe me I tried.
It puzzled me, not even an "Hello" or "Thank you".
I payed wished her a really nice weekend, maybe in a voice a tiny bit to loud. But still no sound.
When I walked away, I turned around and saw her speaking to a co-worker, so she could produce a sound that could be understood by others.
She probably needs a nap too.

On Thursday I was complemented by one of our students, a happy 5 year old that came
running up to me grabbed my hand and said : "Hi, you're a beauty".
Now, that's a compliment, I tell ya, it makes your day.
I told her she also was a beauty, she accepted the complement with: "yes I know, that what mommy says too".
We said goodbye and we both skipped back, she to her classmates, me back to my office.

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