Sunday, October 26, 2008

Evil purple

Here it is, the proof, I did wear purple!
People that know me never see me wear purple because I really dislike the color (In clothing that is)
Part of the "dress up like a book character day" at our school.
The office staff and the yard duties dressed up as "Snow white and the seven dwarfs", somewhere in there I ended up being the Evil Queen.
Hmmmm, don't know why.........................
I did make a ton of pictures, there where Harry Potters and Hermione's, Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum, the king of hearts, Dorothy and Toto, the Frog prince, Cat in the hat, the Mad Hatter, Little red riding hood and the wolf/grandma, and even Frida Kahlo.
There were to many princesses to count, side by side with a lot knights and here and there an Elmo or Donald Duck.

My highlight of the day, dropping my son of to his school.
He zipped up in his sweater with hood deep over his head, hunched over. Me with purple dress with crown and white big collar.
He kept muttering something like "I am so dead" and Mooooooooom!!
Kissing him goodbye was the last drop and he ran inside his classroom................

Yesterday there was a wedding to attend, fun but exhausting.
The weather was perfect, although in the afternoon it was even a little bit too warm.
T ended up spending the night with his friends, all in the wedding party.
When I picked him up this morning he was still tired from dancing and running around.


anita said...

Jammer dat Tycho zijn brood niet had vergeten, dan had je dat na kunnen brengen.
Natuurlijk in de klas en met een hele dikke knuffel (whahahaahah i'm evil toooohooo).

En trek je de jurk ook aan met halloween?

Groetjes ANita

Anonymous said...

wauw wat een gave jurk zeg!!!!
die kleur staat je toch wel goed!

groetjes Wietsina