Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finally Fall

Finally it was nice and cold when we woke up this morning, around 40 degrees. Although according to my DH it was .........(insert not so nice word) cold.
I like the colder weather, he doesn't.
Saturday morning I drove up to Saratoga to take some pictures, it was at a lovely winery and there was this fellow following us.
Probably looking for some nice and yummy human food but there was not any. Nor that I would give it to him.
On my drive home I suddenly remembered what incredible noise these animals can make. We grew up with a petting zoo practically in our backyard, only a sport field between our house and the park with petting zoo in it. Those yells would wake me up very early in the morning but for some reason I loved it.
What I also remember is the hundreds of raven that had their home in the high trees in the park. We could see and hear them and one year our neighbor brought home a young that had fallen from his nest. We raised it and gave him the fitting name of "Gerrit".

Gerrit was always in our backyard, doing always something he should not be doing.
My dad was building a garage that summer, Gerrit would sit on the wall he just made and look on, until the dog got out. Those two where in a constant battle for who could bring the other in the most trouble.
Gerrit would sit on that freshly made wall, mortar still wet and tease the dog to such a length that the dog would jump that wall and knock the whole thing down.

Gerrit also did not like to be all by himself and would knock on my bedroom window until I let him in, put him on my shoulder, walk him downstairs and let him out. Over and over again.
And one day in Fall he was gone, I like to think he found himself a nice lady bird and flew of into the sunset with her. Better than sitting on the handlebar of my bike all the way to school and then fly back.

Anyway, back from memory lane, it was a very nice and nippy weekend and finally it was time to wear our hand knit socks!!!
Now if I could only find the perfect shoe to show of those snazzy hand knits. Gotta go shopp'n soon

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anita said...

Ja heerlijk he die pauwen, gelukkig kan ik ze hier ook horen van het hertekamp (als de wind goed staat). Veel mensen weten niet eens dat ze een pauw horen.

Groetjes Anita