Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Heritage report

Tomorrow is the day of the much anticipated "Heritage report".
I copied way to many pictures to fit on the board and got carried away (of course) with all the stories belonging to the people in the pictures. Maybe one day T will be interested in all the "old people" although I have to say he showed a very surprising interest in the very old pictures and the way the people looked in the "old days".
His words not mine, one of the pictures is a black and white picture of me, in the old days of course..........................
He made his own picks and glued them down according to his own standards, not his mom's (look closely you can see the path the glue bottle took)
We put his ancestors on the board, nine generations in all, only his direct line, otherwise one board was way to small.
He put a report together about the country, even printed a picture of the queen, and the route and cities of the Elf Steden tocht.
Oh, and not to mention the National anthem, even translated in English
Tomorrow we now his grade, T of course is betting on an A.
Me, I don't care, I am just glad he likes his Heritage and it gave me the chance to see all those old pictures again. (and smell them, I love the smell of old paper LOL)

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anita said...

Nou als hij daar geen A voor krijgt kom ik even een hartig woordje spreken met de juf hoor (hihihihihi).
En eeeeh, sta ik er nog op?? Of tellen tantes niet mee (snik snik hihihihihi)

Groetjes Anita