Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday and PURPLE

Weird day today, another Monday.
Sometimes they fly by sometimes the clock ticks slower (I swear) it was one of those days today.
I knew why, I had a doctors appointment that I dreaded, and at work, I did not want to postpone filing paperwork, it was mounting, my desk almost tipped over (ahum)
So it had to be done.

Tomorrow another day, filing is almost done.
Now let's keep my fingers crossed that the nice people from the UPS deliver my costume in time for "dress up like a book character day" at school.
This Friday, I will be wearing PURPLE (yes, M, I know it is a rare event, only for very SPECIAL occasions)
At least I will be wearing a crown with it, if the UPS man/woman delivers on time!!
Watch for pictures next weekend, for now, here have a Cupcake

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anita said...

Laat paars nu net het enige kleurtje zijn wat Kylian goed herkent en benoemd. Voor de rest gokt hij maar wat.

Hoe was het bij de dokter?

Groetjes Anita