Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My funny man

My funny man, our stand-up comedian in the making.
He has a new assignment for a presentation, due in November.
Each student can pick a state, and with 30 students and 50 states there is plenty to choose from.
There is an order in when they can pick, after their Heritage report was done and presented.
Lucky for T he was one of the first to finish, and with a good grade he could pick after Nevada and California where already taken.
His choice: Utah
A very good one, we have lots of books and pictures from past visits from the state, with the most beautiful parks in the world (if you ask T)
And I must agree, a good state to tell about.
Plus he can make his presentation in Power Point, what a great way for a kid to do a presentation and learn how PP works.
He does have to turn in his handwritten report too, bummer he likes working on the computer and is good at it too. I am still working on my Dirndl socks and really want to wear them by the time Christmas comes around. I do a few rows every evening. There is other knitting to be done for other people, but I do want these for ME!!

The front

And the back, love the changing pattern, and it is going to get even better.
Now I only need the perfect skirt or pants and shoes to go with them.

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anita said...

En hierna kun je mooi beginnen met de sokken voor aan de schouw voor de kerst (hihihihihi)

Groetjes Anita