Sunday, November 30, 2008

Santa's Helper

A little somebody came into our yard today, telling us that it is that time of year again to hang the lights.

We know, but not today we had some other things on our minds. For example it was time for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and afterwards a drive to the beach.
While this little one climbed the fence with his Christmas lights, we went of to get some food.
We have not named our little house guest yet, but we are open for suggestions, more of his family will visit our house shortly.

It was a beautiful day today and we took advantage of it and after lunch we headed out to the beach.

I tried to lure my boy into taking some Christmas pictures for our cards this year, not a very big success. Ever asked a teenager-to-be to pose for pictures and smile at the same time?
Tomorrow, pictures of signs along the way.
For now I am going to make some hot chocolate and sit down with my knitting needles to make more of these guys.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Look, a neck warmer, sorry for the crappy picture, the yarn does not photograph well, it is red and blue variegated, and this picture was taken at night.
It is a very nice pattern and the next time I will knit this with different yarn and I will promise to learn to count to 5.
It needs 5 repeats from the middle, one side has 5 the other 4.
I do blame it on the Turkey dinner from yesterday, knitting while tired and full with barbecued bird does strange things to my ability to count.
This pattern is called Rosebud and is really nice and easy to knit.

Black Friday today, we did not buy anything, although we did go to Best Buy. Better said the boys went to the store and I just tagged along, just maybe, maybe they would be in the mood to step into a clothing store with me.
No luck, T on the other hand was the only one who walked out the store with a treasure. A game of course.
When we came home the game was inserted into the right player and for the rest of the day I have to listen to strange sounds coming from another galaxy far, far away.
Time for some Christmas music on my mp3 player I thought, but singing at the top of my lungs with "Jingle Bells"and "Dreaming of a white Christmas" was not really the mix the boys wanted with their "outer space experience".
I was politely asked to stop my singing, so far for the Christmas spirit.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey anyone??

Happy Thanksgiving day to everybody!!
The day started of with watching the Thanksgiving day parade while having breakfast and coffee. Then there was the dog show and we watched people and dogs go by.
I also managed to bake cookies and not burn them to a crisp. At two we hopped in the car and drove up the hill to our friends. It is not even a 5 minute car drive so we are there in a heartbeat.
By three the Turkey was done and it was time for our Thanksgiving meal.
This year, the bird was barbecued, it was really tasty.

The table was set, the before picture is so much better than the after.

Then when everybody was full there was the much needed exercise outside. Even the dog decided to get into the action.

It was a very nice and mild day, we enjoyed the view and the company.

T is getting a cold and when we came home he wrapped himself in a blanked and hit the couch, hopefully he will be feeling better tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


There is a FO (finished Object) to show for tonight, it is done my Noro scarf.
Knitted until there was no more yarn left over, and this scarf is nice and long and warm!
Just in case somebody is curious, it is been tested right now by my DH who loves it.
It rained today and it was cold, lovely!! We really need the rain around here and I love to be home for the day and sit, listen to a podcast and knit or read a book. A mug of coffee nearby.
After I clean the house of course, what was on my list today. So was doing the laundry.
And the pressure of christmas cards is coming too, what to do, a picture or not???
Maybe tomorrow there will be an opportunity to take some pics, before Thanksgiving dinner of course.
I am looking forward to tomorrow, it starts early with the Thanksgiving day parade, have to watch it, don't know why but it is sort of a tradition and it goes with the "special day" feeling.
We will be watching the dog show afterwards of course too.
Did I ever mention I really want a dog???

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey trot time

It was the last school day before the Thanksgiving break today, three whole days off and the weekend, 5 days of sleeping in (I hope).
It was also the day of the Annual Turkey Trot at T's school. The fourth and fifth graders run the one mile Turkey trot, and the lower grades do the Bunny hop around the field just before the Easter break.
Here they are, ready for take off.
I got to stand at the end and hand out Popsicle sticks with numbers on them, number one for the first one to arrive, etc.
The kids then put the name sticker they are wearing on their shirts on the sticks and turn them in.
Other volunteer parents then write the names on a big board.The handing out of the sticks is an art form itself, with three other parent we form a line and take ten sticks each, after your ten run out, the next parent takes the following ten, and you go to the back of the line to wait your turn of the next ten.
After the run I went back to my school, and the day just flew by with all kinds of activities and things to do.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Some Serious Cuteness

Doesn't this picture make you go "aaaawwwwwhh"?
This handsome rat so looks like our late Hendrik. T was mentioning the other day that he would really like another rat.
So would I but where does one find a very young rat, preferably around 7 to 8 weeks old and we would really like another Dumbo rat.
Our little Hendrik was potty trained and had free reign of my office, he loved to snuggle and sit on your lap. He did freak out a visitor or two and there were people who really thought by the size of him he was a little doggie. (I do suspect these people are not totally in sync with the animal world).

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yule lads

I did some research on Santa's Elf's, while there are all kinds of Elf's out there the ones that are tied to our Santa Claus tradition came from folk tales in Iceland.
Very interesting, it is worth a read from the Wikipedia page.
These Yule lads where not really of the nice kind, and there are thirteen in all
The first one arrives on December 12th, and no kidding for the next thirteen days there is going to be trouble!
There is the Door slammer and the spoon licker, the sausage swiper and not even to mention the window peeper.
The last one according to this poem is a "weird little twit". (insert a little laughter here)
Now back to some knitting today, I am knitting a scarf, simple a knit one purl one scarf.
I know the general rule of the length of a scarf is making it as tall as the recipient. But serious this one is for me (if DH doesn't snag it before, he already announced it is nice and warm).
My length is almost 6 ft. I think knitting until I run out of yarn is nice enough, and I can still wrap it around my neck at least once.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Elf

After weaving in a gazillion ends, and waiting for the hat to dry it was time to finally make some holly leaves to adorn my Elf hat with.
For the tassel there were six leaves knit and sewn back to back so that no matter at what angle Santa looks at his little Elf they will always look nice and neat.
Of course it needed its label, this is where the whole story started, if you want to know more, hop over to this blog and read all about it.

By the time the leaves were finished and sewn on it was dark outside, not really nice to go outside and take some pictures.
I had to call in my own little Elf to pose.
Although this Elf needed some encouragement and a little bribe with a soda, considered a treat in this household.

I let these pictures speak for themselves, I wonder if Santa has more cooperative Elves??

This was a fun project to knit and I am looking forward to take the hat with me to school.
From next week on I will be doing some book reading for the kinder and first grade classes, I bet this hat will come in handy and will make for some new stories.
Oh, and it will be Secret Santa time after the Thanksgiving break.................Ohhhhh how I love Christmas.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

decorating time

It's decorating time, for the Santa's Elf hat that is. The "basic" hat is done and now I do have some creative tassel making ahead.
I am thinking a bunch of Holly leaves and maybe a knitted present or two.
And while I am thinking about what to do and while the hat is drying from blocking, I started this
Yes, it is the NORO scarf everybody is knitting, could not help myself and wanted one too.
Look it is going to be red and green and blue and pink and black and grey, happy scarf for the winter days standing outside while doing yard duty.
Tomorrow it is on to the dreaded grocery shopping, and it is going to be extra busy because of all the Thanksgiving grocery shoppers.
But after that it is weekend and we can do fun stuff, like vacuuming and laundry and cleaning.
Oh and you bet 'ya there is going to be some knitting and crafting time in there too!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Almost done

No pictures today, I am busy knitting on my Santa Elf hat.
The hat itself is almost done, but now I have decided that instead of a normal tassel, it needs on made of knitted holly leaves.
And maybe a leaf or two around the brim while I am at it.

When is it to early to put up your Christmas lights?? When I drove around town tonight I saw a house already decked out with the lights and the giant blow-up snow globe going in the front yard.
Hello people, we still have to have our Turkey for Thanksgiving and that is still a week away.
Please refrain yourself from putting up Christmas lights until after Thanksgiving!
But after that, go ahead, knock yourself out and drape your house in the lights and animated figures, lots of reindeer etc. I like it.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Snort, ROFL after this one just stay and watch the Moskou song. The things they do in that City??

Moskau with english lyrics!

Christmas Knitting

While trying to make progress on my Christmas knitting I keep getting new ideas and am developing a severe case of "cast-on-itis".
I do have to finish some projects first before I can cast on for something new. This I promised myself, can not guarantee if I can keep it.

There is some progress on the Santa's Elf hat, this picture is from Sunday afternoon, and since then there was some knitting done.
But by far I am not done with this, while knitting I decided that there are going to be some "embellishments" around it too, just to make it more Christmas looking.

And slowly, very slowly, my shawl is growing. It is my alone time knitting project because it involves a lot of counting. And a person can't count if certain family members come running up every two minutes. Same thing happens as soon I put on my headphones, you don't see or hear them for hours, but put your headphones on or start knitting something that requires attention and it starts.

Sunday morning we sat in the nice sun and had coffee. T was in luck, while we ordered him a small drink, somebody took his by mistake and he got a big one instead. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in one. Talk about a 2000 calorie snack!!

He could not even finish the thing and took it home.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

He's Baaaaack

Sinterklaas is back in Holland, the good old man came on his SS over from Spain to bring the Dutch children their candy and gifts.
Before December 5th, his birthday, kids can put their shoes in front of the fireplace with some treats for Sinterklaas's horse and he and Zwarte Piet (black peet) will leave some Pepernoten.
Yum, I love these typical Dutch treats. I tried to put my shoes in front of our fireplace, but I guess Sinterklaas is to busy to throw something through our chimney. And I was soooo in the mood for a chocolate letter and some pepernoten.
Almost forgot the Marsepein and the Speculaas.
These pictures were taken last Saturday, my dad is the driver of this old firetruck, see this post from last year.

If you want to know more about Sinterklaas. here's the link.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Annemor # 13

Another pair of mittens I finished, could not show them earlier because they where a gift.
I gave them to S Thursday night at "Knit Night".
Now I can show them, I loved to knit this pattern, it is from the Selbuvotter book, pattern Annemor #13 with some modifications in the cuff.
I hope they get a lot of wear this and coming winters!!

This weekend it is going to be great weather so I am looking forward to do some knitting while sitting in the garden, it might be the last weekend of nice warm weather and the last nice and relaxing weekend before all the holiday mayhem starts.
Although I am already looking forward to Christmas music, I love x-mas songs.
and the lights everywhere.
Making progress on my Elf hat, and planning to make some cards and ornaments.
The Secret Santa form for school is already filled, only one more week and then I can start planning for my Secret Santa pall (keep your fingers crossed it is somebody with a "nice" list)
Oh, almost forgot, does anybody know what I can cook with Persimmons??
We got a whole bunch and I want to make something with them.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So what did we do today and yesterday??
Yesterday T spend a good part of the day playing at a friends house, I did laundry, cleaned the thrones, and even ventured outside to the post office, and a side trip to Hollister for lunch.

Today we stayed in, and all did our own thing, J and T behind their computers/game consoles and me behind my big desk for some much needed craft time.
First I cut 60 tiny squares, folded them and glued the 60 petals into 12 flowers.
Then the 12 flowers became this ball.
Next one is going to be in Christmas colors and glitter.
This is called a Kusudama if anyone is interested.
I also started my Elf hat for the Elf hat project. It is going to be a stocking cap (that is the plan)
Not a quick knit but entertaining and a lot of ends to weave in.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Weekend antics

What does one do on a nice kinda sunny weekend in November where we have actually four days!
On Saturday T and I ventured out to the winery for the Fall boutique. This year I have no booth, but just went there to "hang" with friends.
So did T, although his version of hanging out with friends involves lots of dirt and play in areas where it is certainly not clean nor dry. They played James Bond JR. it requires one to roll on the ground (read, the dirt between the vines) on order to duck for enemy shooting and other "spy" related things.

He did score a nice necklace, with a glow in the dark potion bottle, he has not parted with it since he got it.
This morning I had to go back to the winery to get his brand new jacket, no one to blame but myself this time, T did hand it off to me and I just simply hung it over a chair and totally forgot.

After lunch we ventured out to the play ground. I took pics wile we played and talked.
Granted some playground equipment is still fun, even when you not fit in it anymore and it makes for great pictures.

There was also some weekend knitting, started this one Friday night and finished it this morning. This hat was on my list for the longest time, I do have a weakness for silly hats and working at school gives me an excuse to wear them!!
The Turkey But Hat is going to be worn on our Harvest Festival/School spirit day just before Thanksgiving. Even my model got a kick out of wearing this one.

Now I need suggestions for Christmas, I want to knit an elf hat, but not the "traditional" kind.
After today, two more days with my boys before going back to school/work

Friday, November 07, 2008


For the last few months T gets these.
His monthly review of things they learn and every time I am amazed at the amount of things.
He has no problem with keeping up with it, and has his work done in time and his homework always turned in.
There are things on this list J and I learned in High school, like the periodic table. No way we had heard of this at age 10!
He does have special education for Gifted and Talented and man those kids move through these subject like lightning, and they get it too.

This week we were testing Kinders and First graders on their computers skills and on Math and Reading.
I got many complements from the tiny people, one little girl thinks I am a "beauty" , nice, don't little kids always tell you the truth?? But then on the other hand one very little boy (even for his age) told me looking up to me " wow you are nice and HUGE". I do know he meant TALL, but it made my colleague chuckle.
Also very fun was the talk about the election and our new president, this seen from 5 and 6 years old points of view.
He (Obama), according to one of the very wise Kindergartners is going to be the President when he grows up, and that will be very soon, right after Christmas.
Can't argue that one!
On girl told me her father said if she did really well at school she could become anyone. Her wish, she wants to be a Mermaid when she grows up!
Oh, and I learned that an "Ear Convection" can really really hurt.
Right now, we have a four way weekend, nice and relaxing at home, and some knitting, how about a Turkey hat?? I already started.......

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


A "purdy" picture that made me laugh.
That wig is made for this dog!