Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Almost done

No pictures today, I am busy knitting on my Santa Elf hat.
The hat itself is almost done, but now I have decided that instead of a normal tassel, it needs on made of knitted holly leaves.
And maybe a leaf or two around the brim while I am at it.

When is it to early to put up your Christmas lights?? When I drove around town tonight I saw a house already decked out with the lights and the giant blow-up snow globe going in the front yard.
Hello people, we still have to have our Turkey for Thanksgiving and that is still a week away.
Please refrain yourself from putting up Christmas lights until after Thanksgiving!
But after that, go ahead, knock yourself out and drape your house in the lights and animated figures, lots of reindeer etc. I like it.


Dave Daniels said...

D- Your hat is looking SO beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished product!

anita said...

hihihih ik kan alleen maar denken aan de stroomrekening na de kerstdagen met al die versieringen (hihihihi)

Maak je wel een foto van je Hat als die klaar is.

Groetjes Anita