Sunday, November 02, 2008

Araneus diadematus

We survived Halloween, T went out with a friend and his parents while Jan and I took position next to our front door for the tricksters to treat them.
Being a Friday night it went on longer than normal and at about 8.30 we almost ran out of candy.

I love Halloween, but there are always the ones that make me question. For example why would you take your baby Trick or treating?? For one the kid does not even know what is going on and to top it of it is not capable of eating all that candy. To me this is just simple being greedy, you are an adult and want candy as much as possible and preferably free, but people are not going to give you candy if you knock on the door so let's use the newborn.
And what do you do when you open the door and they shove the stroller forward and with a smile announce "Say Trick or Treat, honey".
I for one reach into my candy bowl to pull out the candy that nobody wants to eat and is always present in the big assorted candy bags, and with a most generous smile plunk the one single candy into the pillowcase and with a "Happy Halloween" wave them goodbye.

Yesterday was a day of glorious rain and house cleaning.
And this morning the sun was out again, the boys ventured out in the garden to do some Fall cleaning and pruning.
Not long after I heard the oh, so familiar squeak from my DH. They found a spider!
I was getting dressed, it was not even nine o'clock in the morning on the day that daylight savings time ended!
According to the accounts I got the spider must be HUGE.
Sure enough it was a big one, not huge but large enough to see in the back of the garden from the bedroom window.
Oh, it did help that it was high up in a tree.
I guess a good three inches across. J got out the camera and took these pictures.
By the time I got out, it was to high up in the tree to take close ups with my Macro, I would have loved some close ups from this one!!

We did go on the web (ha, so appropriate!) and googled us some spider pics to find out what kind of spider it was.
Let me tel you, this is a big no no, if you do not want the itchy feeling for the rest of the day, there are some creepy ones out there you do not want in your house!

Although it is just amazing how this one is able to make a web that holds his or her weight!

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