Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Knitting

While trying to make progress on my Christmas knitting I keep getting new ideas and am developing a severe case of "cast-on-itis".
I do have to finish some projects first before I can cast on for something new. This I promised myself, can not guarantee if I can keep it.

There is some progress on the Santa's Elf hat, this picture is from Sunday afternoon, and since then there was some knitting done.
But by far I am not done with this, while knitting I decided that there are going to be some "embellishments" around it too, just to make it more Christmas looking.

And slowly, very slowly, my shawl is growing. It is my alone time knitting project because it involves a lot of counting. And a person can't count if certain family members come running up every two minutes. Same thing happens as soon I put on my headphones, you don't see or hear them for hours, but put your headphones on or start knitting something that requires attention and it starts.

Sunday morning we sat in the nice sun and had coffee. T was in luck, while we ordered him a small drink, somebody took his by mistake and he got a big one instead. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in one. Talk about a 2000 calorie snack!!

He could not even finish the thing and took it home.

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