Thursday, November 20, 2008

decorating time

It's decorating time, for the Santa's Elf hat that is. The "basic" hat is done and now I do have some creative tassel making ahead.
I am thinking a bunch of Holly leaves and maybe a knitted present or two.
And while I am thinking about what to do and while the hat is drying from blocking, I started this
Yes, it is the NORO scarf everybody is knitting, could not help myself and wanted one too.
Look it is going to be red and green and blue and pink and black and grey, happy scarf for the winter days standing outside while doing yard duty.
Tomorrow it is on to the dreaded grocery shopping, and it is going to be extra busy because of all the Thanksgiving grocery shoppers.
But after that it is weekend and we can do fun stuff, like vacuuming and laundry and cleaning.
Oh and you bet 'ya there is going to be some knitting and crafting time in there too!!

1 comment:

anita said...

Wat dacht je van een gebreide misselto (of hoe je het dan ook schrijft).
Kan iedereen je lekker kussen (hihihi is wel heel geinig vind ik zelf).

Groetjes Anita (ps je landen teller tikt lekker door zeg)