Wednesday, November 26, 2008


There is a FO (finished Object) to show for tonight, it is done my Noro scarf.
Knitted until there was no more yarn left over, and this scarf is nice and long and warm!
Just in case somebody is curious, it is been tested right now by my DH who loves it.
It rained today and it was cold, lovely!! We really need the rain around here and I love to be home for the day and sit, listen to a podcast and knit or read a book. A mug of coffee nearby.
After I clean the house of course, what was on my list today. So was doing the laundry.
And the pressure of christmas cards is coming too, what to do, a picture or not???
Maybe tomorrow there will be an opportunity to take some pics, before Thanksgiving dinner of course.
I am looking forward to tomorrow, it starts early with the Thanksgiving day parade, have to watch it, don't know why but it is sort of a tradition and it goes with the "special day" feeling.
We will be watching the dog show afterwards of course too.
Did I ever mention I really want a dog???

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anita said...

whahahaahah koud,koud, 's winters is het koud (geintje)

Veel plezier met de kalkoen en wordt er maar lekker lui van.

Groetje sAnita