Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So what did we do today and yesterday??
Yesterday T spend a good part of the day playing at a friends house, I did laundry, cleaned the thrones, and even ventured outside to the post office, and a side trip to Hollister for lunch.

Today we stayed in, and all did our own thing, J and T behind their computers/game consoles and me behind my big desk for some much needed craft time.
First I cut 60 tiny squares, folded them and glued the 60 petals into 12 flowers.
Then the 12 flowers became this ball.
Next one is going to be in Christmas colors and glitter.
This is called a Kusudama if anyone is interested.
I also started my Elf hat for the Elf hat project. It is going to be a stocking cap (that is the plan)
Not a quick knit but entertaining and a lot of ends to weave in.

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