Friday, November 07, 2008


For the last few months T gets these.
His monthly review of things they learn and every time I am amazed at the amount of things.
He has no problem with keeping up with it, and has his work done in time and his homework always turned in.
There are things on this list J and I learned in High school, like the periodic table. No way we had heard of this at age 10!
He does have special education for Gifted and Talented and man those kids move through these subject like lightning, and they get it too.

This week we were testing Kinders and First graders on their computers skills and on Math and Reading.
I got many complements from the tiny people, one little girl thinks I am a "beauty" , nice, don't little kids always tell you the truth?? But then on the other hand one very little boy (even for his age) told me looking up to me " wow you are nice and HUGE". I do know he meant TALL, but it made my colleague chuckle.
Also very fun was the talk about the election and our new president, this seen from 5 and 6 years old points of view.
He (Obama), according to one of the very wise Kindergartners is going to be the President when he grows up, and that will be very soon, right after Christmas.
Can't argue that one!
On girl told me her father said if she did really well at school she could become anyone. Her wish, she wants to be a Mermaid when she grows up!
Oh, and I learned that an "Ear Convection" can really really hurt.
Right now, we have a four way weekend, nice and relaxing at home, and some knitting, how about a Turkey hat?? I already started.......

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