Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Elf

After weaving in a gazillion ends, and waiting for the hat to dry it was time to finally make some holly leaves to adorn my Elf hat with.
For the tassel there were six leaves knit and sewn back to back so that no matter at what angle Santa looks at his little Elf they will always look nice and neat.
Of course it needed its label, this is where the whole story started, if you want to know more, hop over to this blog and read all about it.

By the time the leaves were finished and sewn on it was dark outside, not really nice to go outside and take some pictures.
I had to call in my own little Elf to pose.
Although this Elf needed some encouragement and a little bribe with a soda, considered a treat in this household.

I let these pictures speak for themselves, I wonder if Santa has more cooperative Elves??

This was a fun project to knit and I am looking forward to take the hat with me to school.
From next week on I will be doing some book reading for the kinder and first grade classes, I bet this hat will come in handy and will make for some new stories.
Oh, and it will be Secret Santa time after the Thanksgiving break.................Ohhhhh how I love Christmas.

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Dave Daniels said...

Wow! That hat is SO fantastic. Great job. Intarsia is something I've never mastered, and you've done it so well.