Friday, November 28, 2008


Look, a neck warmer, sorry for the crappy picture, the yarn does not photograph well, it is red and blue variegated, and this picture was taken at night.
It is a very nice pattern and the next time I will knit this with different yarn and I will promise to learn to count to 5.
It needs 5 repeats from the middle, one side has 5 the other 4.
I do blame it on the Turkey dinner from yesterday, knitting while tired and full with barbecued bird does strange things to my ability to count.
This pattern is called Rosebud and is really nice and easy to knit.

Black Friday today, we did not buy anything, although we did go to Best Buy. Better said the boys went to the store and I just tagged along, just maybe, maybe they would be in the mood to step into a clothing store with me.
No luck, T on the other hand was the only one who walked out the store with a treasure. A game of course.
When we came home the game was inserted into the right player and for the rest of the day I have to listen to strange sounds coming from another galaxy far, far away.
Time for some Christmas music on my mp3 player I thought, but singing at the top of my lungs with "Jingle Bells"and "Dreaming of a white Christmas" was not really the mix the boys wanted with their "outer space experience".
I was politely asked to stop my singing, so far for the Christmas spirit.

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