Sunday, November 30, 2008

Santa's Helper

A little somebody came into our yard today, telling us that it is that time of year again to hang the lights.

We know, but not today we had some other things on our minds. For example it was time for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and afterwards a drive to the beach.
While this little one climbed the fence with his Christmas lights, we went of to get some food.
We have not named our little house guest yet, but we are open for suggestions, more of his family will visit our house shortly.

It was a beautiful day today and we took advantage of it and after lunch we headed out to the beach.

I tried to lure my boy into taking some Christmas pictures for our cards this year, not a very big success. Ever asked a teenager-to-be to pose for pictures and smile at the same time?
Tomorrow, pictures of signs along the way.
For now I am going to make some hot chocolate and sit down with my knitting needles to make more of these guys.

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