Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey anyone??

Happy Thanksgiving day to everybody!!
The day started of with watching the Thanksgiving day parade while having breakfast and coffee. Then there was the dog show and we watched people and dogs go by.
I also managed to bake cookies and not burn them to a crisp. At two we hopped in the car and drove up the hill to our friends. It is not even a 5 minute car drive so we are there in a heartbeat.
By three the Turkey was done and it was time for our Thanksgiving meal.
This year, the bird was barbecued, it was really tasty.

The table was set, the before picture is so much better than the after.

Then when everybody was full there was the much needed exercise outside. Even the dog decided to get into the action.

It was a very nice and mild day, we enjoyed the view and the company.

T is getting a cold and when we came home he wrapped himself in a blanked and hit the couch, hopefully he will be feeling better tomorrow.

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anita said...

Die kalkoen ziet er inderdaad smakelijk uit, en vast veel beter dan de droge kip van ma (hihihihi)

Geniet lekker van je lange weekend, wij hebben morgen sinterklaas (met pepernoten) van Jan's werk. Ben wel heel benieuwd hoe Kylian dit jaar sinterklaas gaat vinden.

Groetjes Anita