Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey trot time

It was the last school day before the Thanksgiving break today, three whole days off and the weekend, 5 days of sleeping in (I hope).
It was also the day of the Annual Turkey Trot at T's school. The fourth and fifth graders run the one mile Turkey trot, and the lower grades do the Bunny hop around the field just before the Easter break.
Here they are, ready for take off.
I got to stand at the end and hand out Popsicle sticks with numbers on them, number one for the first one to arrive, etc.
The kids then put the name sticker they are wearing on their shirts on the sticks and turn them in.
Other volunteer parents then write the names on a big board.The handing out of the sticks is an art form itself, with three other parent we form a line and take ten sticks each, after your ten run out, the next parent takes the following ten, and you go to the back of the line to wait your turn of the next ten.
After the run I went back to my school, and the day just flew by with all kinds of activities and things to do.

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anita said...

Ben wel heel benieuwd welk nummertje op Tycho's ding stond (hihihihi).

Geniet lekker van al je vrij dagen.

Groetjes Anita