Sunday, November 09, 2008

Weekend antics

What does one do on a nice kinda sunny weekend in November where we have actually four days!
On Saturday T and I ventured out to the winery for the Fall boutique. This year I have no booth, but just went there to "hang" with friends.
So did T, although his version of hanging out with friends involves lots of dirt and play in areas where it is certainly not clean nor dry. They played James Bond JR. it requires one to roll on the ground (read, the dirt between the vines) on order to duck for enemy shooting and other "spy" related things.

He did score a nice necklace, with a glow in the dark potion bottle, he has not parted with it since he got it.
This morning I had to go back to the winery to get his brand new jacket, no one to blame but myself this time, T did hand it off to me and I just simply hung it over a chair and totally forgot.

After lunch we ventured out to the play ground. I took pics wile we played and talked.
Granted some playground equipment is still fun, even when you not fit in it anymore and it makes for great pictures.

There was also some weekend knitting, started this one Friday night and finished it this morning. This hat was on my list for the longest time, I do have a weakness for silly hats and working at school gives me an excuse to wear them!!
The Turkey But Hat is going to be worn on our Harvest Festival/School spirit day just before Thanksgiving. Even my model got a kick out of wearing this one.

Now I need suggestions for Christmas, I want to knit an elf hat, but not the "traditional" kind.
After today, two more days with my boys before going back to school/work

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anita said...

Kun je geen elfen petje maken waar een babyelfje uit komt of een engeltje en een duiveltje ofzo.

Groetjes Anita