Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yule lads

I did some research on Santa's Elf's, while there are all kinds of Elf's out there the ones that are tied to our Santa Claus tradition came from folk tales in Iceland.
Very interesting, it is worth a read from the Wikipedia page.
These Yule lads where not really of the nice kind, and there are thirteen in all
The first one arrives on December 12th, and no kidding for the next thirteen days there is going to be trouble!
There is the Door slammer and the spoon licker, the sausage swiper and not even to mention the window peeper.
The last one according to this poem is a "weird little twit". (insert a little laughter here)
Now back to some knitting today, I am knitting a scarf, simple a knit one purl one scarf.
I know the general rule of the length of a scarf is making it as tall as the recipient. But serious this one is for me (if DH doesn't snag it before, he already announced it is nice and warm).
My length is almost 6 ft. I think knitting until I run out of yarn is nice enough, and I can still wrap it around my neck at least once.

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