Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! To everybody!!!
We still have two hours to go until 2009.
And 2009 already starts good with some good news and with NaKniMitMo (National Knit Mittens Month)
What means I have the whole month to knit up some mittens.
There are so many patterns out on Ravelry and not to mention in my books that I could not decide what to knit.
And after a few days trying to decide, you know the feeling, you just want to knit them all!!

Then it came to me, why not design my own? Out with the graph paper and pencils and on with some drawing. Here is a picture of the back of the design, and the colors I am using.
All I can say that it has my colors in it, blue and orange.
More tomorrow when it is actually January and I can start knitting (I can't wait)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Warm hands

This is a pic from yesterday, DS reading the Wall Street Journal. What article is he reading?? Of course the one about the PS3!

It is already Tuesday, and the second Tuesday in my two weeks break, time flies when I am home with my men.
And what do my men do while I knit or do some chores? Sitting in front of their computers, reading books and playing games, preferably together. And it is not at all a quiet activity.
There are all kinds of noises with these games but the worst is the music, don't get me started there. The kingdom building game is the worst, it is a happy tune that will even get the most happy person over the edge (if you're not playing)
So there is my new Christmas present to the rescue, I put my earplugs in my ears and listen to my music. Only thing is I like to sing with the music I am listening to. And that I am told many, many times over is annoying. Can you believe it??? Me singing is not allowed, but listening to the twinkle, twinkle of the game for several hours a day is OK.
Yesterday it was time for some revenge, I watched "the sound of music" and of course had to sing with the movie. HA!!

And in an evening knitting there where these, replacement for the ones I knit somewhere in April. Those DH is wearing almost every day, he does not mind the color, he thinks they are warm. But he did manage to wear them out in such a way that I can not wear them anymore.
I so want to knit another pair of these because they are my favorite, and I treasured them for months so I could wear them in the winter. (hiding them did not help)

These are knit from NORO silk garden, and are nice and warm.
And if I keep them on my hands my DH can't wear them.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Walking with Dinosaurs

This afternoon we drove to San Jose to see the Walking with Dinosaurs event. Very appropriate it was held in the "sharks tank". Or maybe I need to call it the Megladon tank for this occasion.

this was a special show for groups, and our group happened to be the one from the school where I work. A fun way to come and see your friends while on winter break and meet each other in a different setting than school. DH and DS went with me.

The dinosaurs where amazingly build, although the big ones where not easy to manoeuvre and had to "back up" sometimes to make a turn.

What prompted us to "beep" like a truck that backs up, yes, dinosaurs brings out the kid in the best of us.

The best part was the Tyrannosaurus rex. We had to wait for the cute little fellow until the end, but we cheered when he came on (again, we DID behave)
Tomorrow, for me it is the dreaded groceries again, for my boys..... they get to stay home and play with their computers.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh, cookie tree

Oh, cookie tree, Oh cookie tree
Remember the Ugly Sweater contest? This is what T won, a gingerbread cookie tree kit.
We did assemble it, and decorated it with loads and loads of frosting. He had so much fun doing it that we might consider building a gingerbread house next year.

The tree is still alive, sort of, the boys just could not resist it any longer and had to taste it. The top three or four cookies disappeared.

Friday, December 26, 2008

twined knitting

My attempt at twined knitting, I like the technique, it takes a little longer to knit but the fabric is very nice.
Look this is the "good" side of my attempt, This is the "bad" side.
Yeah, I did make an counting error!
Casting on 48 stitches, doing Magic loop, I need 24 on each needle. See very easy!!
My calculation was a little off, 48 divided by two??? Oh, 22 stitches on one needle and 26 on the other.
Still makes 48 but goes horrible wrong when you try to knit a little pattern in it, like the zigzag on the good side.
I just fudged the back finished it and lost all interest in using the thing. It bugs me it is not symmetrical, it bugs me a lot.
So this cozy or will probably never get used. It was a nice practice in the technique of Tvaandsticking (twined knitting)

On a happier note, my car got an oil change today! It was not even busy at the place and I was done within the half hour.
And we got some Christmas cards in, I love to get cards in the mail. Most of the ones from Europe do take a long time to get here, we even get cards well into January, February being the record one year.
One thing that the late cards don't have is that is there is no return address on them. Just the postal code does not work people!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A card for you

Better late then never, I forgot to post our annual Christmas card.

little socks and presents

Look what Santa brought me this Christmas!! OK I have to admit I have been begging (yes, begging) for one for the past year. It is not the phone but the Ipod touch.
Now I am learning all about Apps and Face book, but even more exciting now I can listen to my favorite podcast and download more that one at a time.
My old MP3 player held my music (not a lot) and only one podcast before it was full.

My favorite podcast? There is "Betty in the sky with a suitcase" and "wait, wait don't tell me".
The last one is so funny it makes me laugh out loud and shout the answers.
Don't think I have to say that I spend the day playing and listening while knitting my new toy a little sock. It has to be protected from scratches and what a better excuse that start a new little project. No knitting on my coat today, but I promise I will make it up to it tomorrow!!

I have been wanting to try the twined knitting technique for a while and what better project to start with than another pod-sock. I have to say it is not quick knitting and a perfect way to tangle your yarn into a big mess on purpose. every stitch knitted you have to "wind" the yarn in the back the same way, this makes for a nice dense knitted fabric. I did the two color cast on and a braid, now it is on to the "crook" stitches. So far I like the technique, next time one color and both ends of the yarn.

DH and DS are very happy with their presents too, T has been playing his game the whole day.
The game "A kingdom for Keflings", a download for the x-box from the Microsoft points he got from Santa.
Finally a game that does not involve racing, and that we can play with him. Racing games where not designed for me, while trying to steer, break, shift, give gas and not to mention power boost with the controller and the many buttons, I just hang in the curves and dodge oncoming traffic as if I was in a real life race. That while I simply can not remember what button to push to go forward or backward. While my husband and son are pros at this I am usually stuck on a roadblock with no way to turn.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tracking Santa

While watching Santa come closer on the Santa Tracker I am spending my time on the Winter wonderland coat. Promised myself I could knit one skein of yarn a day. It is doable and for the last three days I have done three skeins. This is the progress so far (the back "skirt" the biggest piece)
But keep in mind there are 23 skeins in all in this baby, it is a knee length coat and with my 6' that is a long way to knit.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, the break is finally here and of course I woke up with a pounding headache on Saturday morning. But in the afternoon I had a knitting get together to go to, and nothing was going to stop me. By the time I headed out it was a bit better and sitting down after I took some Motrin and chatting with my friends it was a lot better.
Leaving early to go to a "ugly Sweater party" was a bit of a down, but T was so excited to go to his friends house for a Christmas party, and of course we could not stay home knowing that our son would miss his friends and the chocolate fountain that was present.

So we all donned our ugliest sweaters and went out. headache was almost gone by that time.
While searching for an Ugly sweater, T wandered into my closet and asked if he could wear something really bad that was from me, according to him he did not own an ugly sweater.
Of course you can pick something (spoken under pressure while in a hurry), so he picks my hand knit vest, with an argyle pattern in five colors !
It is a little bit big on him and he is wearing a very unflattering not matching shirt underneath but that's beside the fact.
Let me tel you he won the darn prize for "Uglies sweater kids category"!! I am never going to wear that vest again. The last two days at work where hectic, busy but fun. Every time I left my desk there were more present on my desk. How cute is this mug and matching spoon I got? Not to mention the amount of chocolates and other candies. I definitely am spoiled!
Then on Saturday afternoon it continued, the most lovely and amazing warm felted slippers made by Megpie. Just a little note, I did wear them to bed last night, they are so comfy I forgot to take them off!!
Thank you all for all the presents!! The little crochet hook on the key chain is already been in use twice for a dropped stitch and the pink Christmas socks are on my feet.
The teddy bear took up his home underneath the Christmas tree.

tomorrow it is the first "official day off" and after some cleaning and other household chores, there is some crafting to do, and knitting of course!
The reindeer hat is done. It has been on DH head almost the whole day.

Friday, December 19, 2008

All Aboard the Fail Train

Imagine being on that train and the guy in front of you farts!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rudolf the reindeer is doing what???

These last few days of school have been busy, very busy. The kids know that there is a holiday coming and they are all excited. Tomorrow it is "wear your Santa hat day" and the traditional Christmas concert in the afternoon.
In the mean time there has been a steady flow of all kinds of goodies with lots of sugar on my desk. All gifts from different "Santa-Helpers".
T and DH have been on a sugar high for a week now just because I take the sweets home and try to be a good girl and not eat it all (I did say TRY)

And this is about all the knitting I did over the course of the week, I did turn the heels on T's socks, hopefully I can finish them over the weekend. He has been such a good sport on waiting for the socks, while his mother just could not resist casting on for this hat.
There is also a chart for mittens, which I am sure at some time I have to knit too.

Only a few more days until Christmas, and we still have to do our present shopping for T, lucky for us he loves LEGO stuff.
And we are going to Walking with Dinosaurs sometime in these two weeks. I am looking forward to that one! Feeling just like a kid when I can go to these events.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby it's cold outside!

The weekend has come and is almost gone!
Friday afternoon it was time for the dreaded groceries. After school DS and I drove over to the grocery store and on the way there he found a dollar. While walking in I heard a " Mom wait a minuter for me" turned around and there my little one (ahum, not so little one) was putting his money into the Salvation Army donation bucket!
Knowing that he is saving every Pennie for his games, this was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet of him.
There I was, a proud Mother, of course I just had to hug and kiss him right there and that is a big NO NO in his book. You can not just hug a teenager in public, what was I thinking??? Saturday and Sunday it was time for the Boutique at the winery and this time there was going to be a Santa. All I want from him is this chair!!! Let me tel you it is very comfy and although it has purple (yes ladies, but it is not clothing) I can really see me sitting in this one in front of the fire place with my knitting (hint to Santa)
It was also very cold, and I did not go back to the Winery on Sunday, my knees where swollen and all my joints where hurting.

The patio heaters did some warming but not on the spot where my chair and table was (right in the corner at the door)

It was fun as always, with lots of things to buy and see.

Tomorrow school starts again and I can not wait until Friday, oh the bliss of two weeks vacation!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas from Bailey the Unknown Reindeer

Snow much fun!!!
Did I mention I reaaaaaly want a dog???

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

About cards and Bears

Making some Christmas cards, for the boutique on Saturday.
Although I did decide not to have a booth this year, I just have no time to make big quantities of cards etc.
But I will sneak in a little basket on a friends table, only because people where asking for them at the fall boutique.
Sorry for the crappy pic, maybe a better one tomorrow. And for the last few days I've been sneaking in a little knitting time for my little Bears. I want to use them as toppers for my gifts, but did you know these little fellows take a lot of time to knit and sew together. They are super cute, and maybe I just need to knit some after Christmas without the ribbon and different colors.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's still Fall

This is one of the trees in our schoolyard, although they make a big mess the colors are so beautiful.
In a two weeks it will be official winter. I just love the raining season here, sitting at home with a nice cup of Joe and a blanked over my knees while knitting and watching the rain outside!!

I am making progress on T's socks and am knitting some more little bears to give away with Christmas presents.
Next week there will be the mailing of the Christmas card, finally came up with a nice design and now the only thing is having them printed and put in an envelope.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Pardon Me (I Didn't Knit That for You)

Sooo funny, I've been knitting while you were sleeping!!

Something fun to do on a Sunday afternoon

Make your own Snowflake here, and send it to someone!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Saturday decorating day

No, there is nothing wrong with your computer screen. The colors are right.
We had Orange Cauliflower for dinner. Never knew there was an orange variety. There is the regular white and the slightly alarming looking green, but orange??
DH and I went to buy our veggies for the week and there it was a bin full of these, and then you just have to try it.
The taste is the same, and a search on the world wide web came up with the good news that the orange variety is healthier because of its extra dose of vitamins. And the color just makes you happy! There was also the decorating of the tree this morning, I did put it up last night and strung the lights, only thing left was to hang it full of shiny baubles.
And what do you do when your son "begs" you for a pair of socks?? Of course I started knitting him a pair, I even let him pick out the yarn. He picked this from my "core" stash (ouch).
Oh, well now I do have an excuse to get some more. This is Mountain bare foot in the colorway, winter sky. Making up the pattern as I go according to DS wishes.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Knitting tiny things

We put off doing groceries for so long there was almost nothing to eat left in the house, nor was there any milk and coffee left.
This afternoon after work/school T and I headed out to do the dreaded groceries.

Am I the only one who returns their shopping cart so it will not bump against somebodies car?
It is so rude to just give your cart a shove when you are done, who cares about the cars parked next to you, it is not yours anyway.
And yes, when we came back there was a shopping cart parked against my car, lucky for me there was nothing to see, no scratch, no dent.
But is was against my car, MY CAR!!!!

OK, rant is over now, I feel better.

On the knitting front, this is what I am working on:

and when it is all done, the itty bitty pieces turn into this:

Mini bear ornaments.
A little fiddly to make but very fun, and they will look their best on a nicely wrapped Christmas gift.
My secret Santa has been very good for me, no pictures of any gifts, it was chocolate and with the help of DH and DS my gifts where quickly gone!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Signs and food

Yesterday we went out for lunch, Famous Dave's one of our favorites.
There is a lot to see while you are waiting for your food, one of the signs is this one, with the Flashing "M". And then this arrives, this one was J's lunch, Before
and After.
Of course he poured on a generous amount of BBQ sauce.

I love signs, and while on the road, with camera in hand there are lots of signs too see.
If it is "Water-U-Want" Granny is there for U.

Otherwise "U" could go over to the other side of the street, if it is allowed, I am not sure there is a "do not enter sign" bit confusing if you ask me.

And if the hunger strikes this is the place to go.

Or one could fill up on gas and oranges.
Note: do you see the price of the gas?? for how long will it be this low one asks?

Today was another Monday, I did pull a muscle in my neck and am trying to keep it warm, hooray for my newly knitted Noro scarf. At the end of the afternoon it developed in a really nice headache too.
After I came home and took a nice cup of hot tea and some meds, it finally went away. The headache that is, my neck is still not good. Try backing out of a parking space while your neck does not want to work with you.