Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby it's cold outside!

The weekend has come and is almost gone!
Friday afternoon it was time for the dreaded groceries. After school DS and I drove over to the grocery store and on the way there he found a dollar. While walking in I heard a " Mom wait a minuter for me" turned around and there my little one (ahum, not so little one) was putting his money into the Salvation Army donation bucket!
Knowing that he is saving every Pennie for his games, this was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet of him.
There I was, a proud Mother, of course I just had to hug and kiss him right there and that is a big NO NO in his book. You can not just hug a teenager in public, what was I thinking??? Saturday and Sunday it was time for the Boutique at the winery and this time there was going to be a Santa. All I want from him is this chair!!! Let me tel you it is very comfy and although it has purple (yes ladies, but it is not clothing) I can really see me sitting in this one in front of the fire place with my knitting (hint to Santa)
It was also very cold, and I did not go back to the Winery on Sunday, my knees where swollen and all my joints where hurting.

The patio heaters did some warming but not on the spot where my chair and table was (right in the corner at the door)

It was fun as always, with lots of things to buy and see.

Tomorrow school starts again and I can not wait until Friday, oh the bliss of two weeks vacation!!!

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anita said...

Wat ontzettend lief van Tycho, geen wonder dat je hem even wilde knuffelen.

Jan moet ook nog deze week werken en dan is het vakantie (heerlijk).
Met oud en nieuw zijn we bij pa en ma (blijven we ook slapen) met ons allen (dus ook met jacky).

Groetjes Anita