Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, the break is finally here and of course I woke up with a pounding headache on Saturday morning. But in the afternoon I had a knitting get together to go to, and nothing was going to stop me. By the time I headed out it was a bit better and sitting down after I took some Motrin and chatting with my friends it was a lot better.
Leaving early to go to a "ugly Sweater party" was a bit of a down, but T was so excited to go to his friends house for a Christmas party, and of course we could not stay home knowing that our son would miss his friends and the chocolate fountain that was present.

So we all donned our ugliest sweaters and went out. headache was almost gone by that time.
While searching for an Ugly sweater, T wandered into my closet and asked if he could wear something really bad that was from me, according to him he did not own an ugly sweater.
Of course you can pick something (spoken under pressure while in a hurry), so he picks my hand knit vest, with an argyle pattern in five colors !
It is a little bit big on him and he is wearing a very unflattering not matching shirt underneath but that's beside the fact.
Let me tel you he won the darn prize for "Uglies sweater kids category"!! I am never going to wear that vest again. The last two days at work where hectic, busy but fun. Every time I left my desk there were more present on my desk. How cute is this mug and matching spoon I got? Not to mention the amount of chocolates and other candies. I definitely am spoiled!
Then on Saturday afternoon it continued, the most lovely and amazing warm felted slippers made by Megpie. Just a little note, I did wear them to bed last night, they are so comfy I forgot to take them off!!
Thank you all for all the presents!! The little crochet hook on the key chain is already been in use twice for a dropped stitch and the pink Christmas socks are on my feet.
The teddy bear took up his home underneath the Christmas tree.

tomorrow it is the first "official day off" and after some cleaning and other household chores, there is some crafting to do, and knitting of course!
The reindeer hat is done. It has been on DH head almost the whole day.

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