Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Knitting tiny things

We put off doing groceries for so long there was almost nothing to eat left in the house, nor was there any milk and coffee left.
This afternoon after work/school T and I headed out to do the dreaded groceries.

Am I the only one who returns their shopping cart so it will not bump against somebodies car?
It is so rude to just give your cart a shove when you are done, who cares about the cars parked next to you, it is not yours anyway.
And yes, when we came back there was a shopping cart parked against my car, lucky for me there was nothing to see, no scratch, no dent.
But is was against my car, MY CAR!!!!

OK, rant is over now, I feel better.

On the knitting front, this is what I am working on:

and when it is all done, the itty bitty pieces turn into this:

Mini bear ornaments.
A little fiddly to make but very fun, and they will look their best on a nicely wrapped Christmas gift.
My secret Santa has been very good for me, no pictures of any gifts, it was chocolate and with the help of DH and DS my gifts where quickly gone!

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