Thursday, December 25, 2008

little socks and presents

Look what Santa brought me this Christmas!! OK I have to admit I have been begging (yes, begging) for one for the past year. It is not the phone but the Ipod touch.
Now I am learning all about Apps and Face book, but even more exciting now I can listen to my favorite podcast and download more that one at a time.
My old MP3 player held my music (not a lot) and only one podcast before it was full.

My favorite podcast? There is "Betty in the sky with a suitcase" and "wait, wait don't tell me".
The last one is so funny it makes me laugh out loud and shout the answers.
Don't think I have to say that I spend the day playing and listening while knitting my new toy a little sock. It has to be protected from scratches and what a better excuse that start a new little project. No knitting on my coat today, but I promise I will make it up to it tomorrow!!

I have been wanting to try the twined knitting technique for a while and what better project to start with than another pod-sock. I have to say it is not quick knitting and a perfect way to tangle your yarn into a big mess on purpose. every stitch knitted you have to "wind" the yarn in the back the same way, this makes for a nice dense knitted fabric. I did the two color cast on and a braid, now it is on to the "crook" stitches. So far I like the technique, next time one color and both ends of the yarn.

DH and DS are very happy with their presents too, T has been playing his game the whole day.
The game "A kingdom for Keflings", a download for the x-box from the Microsoft points he got from Santa.
Finally a game that does not involve racing, and that we can play with him. Racing games where not designed for me, while trying to steer, break, shift, give gas and not to mention power boost with the controller and the many buttons, I just hang in the curves and dodge oncoming traffic as if I was in a real life race. That while I simply can not remember what button to push to go forward or backward. While my husband and son are pros at this I am usually stuck on a roadblock with no way to turn.

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