Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rudolf the reindeer is doing what???

These last few days of school have been busy, very busy. The kids know that there is a holiday coming and they are all excited. Tomorrow it is "wear your Santa hat day" and the traditional Christmas concert in the afternoon.
In the mean time there has been a steady flow of all kinds of goodies with lots of sugar on my desk. All gifts from different "Santa-Helpers".
T and DH have been on a sugar high for a week now just because I take the sweets home and try to be a good girl and not eat it all (I did say TRY)

And this is about all the knitting I did over the course of the week, I did turn the heels on T's socks, hopefully I can finish them over the weekend. He has been such a good sport on waiting for the socks, while his mother just could not resist casting on for this hat.
There is also a chart for mittens, which I am sure at some time I have to knit too.

Only a few more days until Christmas, and we still have to do our present shopping for T, lucky for us he loves LEGO stuff.
And we are going to Walking with Dinosaurs sometime in these two weeks. I am looking forward to that one! Feeling just like a kid when I can go to these events.


anita said...

Lieve tante Dorien, bedankt voor jullie kerstkaartje voor mij.
Nu kan ik papa en mama weer lekker gek maken met rare geluidjes en ik hoop dat hij het net zo lang vol houd als dat andere kaartje.
Dan horen we jullie kerstwensen met pasen nog (hihihi)

Groetjes Kylian

Anonymous said...

hoi D,

hoe is het bij jullie?
hier gaat het na omstandig heden wel goed,j-r heeft weer in het ziekenhuis gelegen. hij is er sinds donderdag weer uit.
jan-douwe groeit als kool en a-m is al weer zo,n grote meid.
het kerstkaartje voor jullie is op de post,maar het zal wel ff duren voor dat hij er is.
hoop snel iets van jullie te horen

groetjes Wietsina