Saturday, December 06, 2008

Saturday decorating day

No, there is nothing wrong with your computer screen. The colors are right.
We had Orange Cauliflower for dinner. Never knew there was an orange variety. There is the regular white and the slightly alarming looking green, but orange??
DH and I went to buy our veggies for the week and there it was a bin full of these, and then you just have to try it.
The taste is the same, and a search on the world wide web came up with the good news that the orange variety is healthier because of its extra dose of vitamins. And the color just makes you happy! There was also the decorating of the tree this morning, I did put it up last night and strung the lights, only thing left was to hang it full of shiny baubles.
And what do you do when your son "begs" you for a pair of socks?? Of course I started knitting him a pair, I even let him pick out the yarn. He picked this from my "core" stash (ouch).
Oh, well now I do have an excuse to get some more. This is Mountain bare foot in the colorway, winter sky. Making up the pattern as I go according to DS wishes.

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