Monday, December 01, 2008

Signs and food

Yesterday we went out for lunch, Famous Dave's one of our favorites.
There is a lot to see while you are waiting for your food, one of the signs is this one, with the Flashing "M". And then this arrives, this one was J's lunch, Before
and After.
Of course he poured on a generous amount of BBQ sauce.

I love signs, and while on the road, with camera in hand there are lots of signs too see.
If it is "Water-U-Want" Granny is there for U.

Otherwise "U" could go over to the other side of the street, if it is allowed, I am not sure there is a "do not enter sign" bit confusing if you ask me.

And if the hunger strikes this is the place to go.

Or one could fill up on gas and oranges.
Note: do you see the price of the gas?? for how long will it be this low one asks?

Today was another Monday, I did pull a muscle in my neck and am trying to keep it warm, hooray for my newly knitted Noro scarf. At the end of the afternoon it developed in a really nice headache too.
After I came home and took a nice cup of hot tea and some meds, it finally went away. The headache that is, my neck is still not good. Try backing out of a parking space while your neck does not want to work with you.

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anita said...

Dat roept om tijgerbalsem, ontzettend vervelend vooral in de nek.

Ik had vannacht zo'n heerlijke kramp op mijn voet, moest er zelfs voor uit bed om mijn voet een andere kant op te buigen, om vervolgens kramp in mijn kuit te krijgen.

Groetjes anita