Friday, December 26, 2008

twined knitting

My attempt at twined knitting, I like the technique, it takes a little longer to knit but the fabric is very nice.
Look this is the "good" side of my attempt, This is the "bad" side.
Yeah, I did make an counting error!
Casting on 48 stitches, doing Magic loop, I need 24 on each needle. See very easy!!
My calculation was a little off, 48 divided by two??? Oh, 22 stitches on one needle and 26 on the other.
Still makes 48 but goes horrible wrong when you try to knit a little pattern in it, like the zigzag on the good side.
I just fudged the back finished it and lost all interest in using the thing. It bugs me it is not symmetrical, it bugs me a lot.
So this cozy or will probably never get used. It was a nice practice in the technique of Tvaandsticking (twined knitting)

On a happier note, my car got an oil change today! It was not even busy at the place and I was done within the half hour.
And we got some Christmas cards in, I love to get cards in the mail. Most of the ones from Europe do take a long time to get here, we even get cards well into January, February being the record one year.
One thing that the late cards don't have is that is there is no return address on them. Just the postal code does not work people!!

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