Sunday, December 28, 2008

Walking with Dinosaurs

This afternoon we drove to San Jose to see the Walking with Dinosaurs event. Very appropriate it was held in the "sharks tank". Or maybe I need to call it the Megladon tank for this occasion.

this was a special show for groups, and our group happened to be the one from the school where I work. A fun way to come and see your friends while on winter break and meet each other in a different setting than school. DH and DS went with me.

The dinosaurs where amazingly build, although the big ones where not easy to manoeuvre and had to "back up" sometimes to make a turn.

What prompted us to "beep" like a truck that backs up, yes, dinosaurs brings out the kid in the best of us.

The best part was the Tyrannosaurus rex. We had to wait for the cute little fellow until the end, but we cheered when he came on (again, we DID behave)
Tomorrow, for me it is the dreaded groceries again, for my boys..... they get to stay home and play with their computers.

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