Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Warm hands

This is a pic from yesterday, DS reading the Wall Street Journal. What article is he reading?? Of course the one about the PS3!

It is already Tuesday, and the second Tuesday in my two weeks break, time flies when I am home with my men.
And what do my men do while I knit or do some chores? Sitting in front of their computers, reading books and playing games, preferably together. And it is not at all a quiet activity.
There are all kinds of noises with these games but the worst is the music, don't get me started there. The kingdom building game is the worst, it is a happy tune that will even get the most happy person over the edge (if you're not playing)
So there is my new Christmas present to the rescue, I put my earplugs in my ears and listen to my music. Only thing is I like to sing with the music I am listening to. And that I am told many, many times over is annoying. Can you believe it??? Me singing is not allowed, but listening to the twinkle, twinkle of the game for several hours a day is OK.
Yesterday it was time for some revenge, I watched "the sound of music" and of course had to sing with the movie. HA!!

And in an evening knitting there where these, replacement for the ones I knit somewhere in April. Those DH is wearing almost every day, he does not mind the color, he thinks they are warm. But he did manage to wear them out in such a way that I can not wear them anymore.
I so want to knit another pair of these because they are my favorite, and I treasured them for months so I could wear them in the winter. (hiding them did not help)

These are knit from NORO silk garden, and are nice and warm.
And if I keep them on my hands my DH can't wear them.


anita said...

Ga je er ook mee slapen dan????

Groetjes Anita

Anonymous said...

hoi ,

wij wensen jullie een fijn en gelukkig nieuwjaar.

groetjes de van esseveldjes

kalidesigner said...

now I like those!