Monday, March 31, 2008


If you are a fan of the Harry Potter books, you know all about Dobby, the House elf.
Here is the "Dobby bookmark". What a fun way to use up all my leftover sock yarn. I made two bookmarks over the weekend.
They are a quick knit. Now I am thinking of doing the same thing with mittens on each end.
Just like I always had to have a string on my mittens threaded to my sleeves so I would not lose them. I hated it, for some reason it was never easy to put on your coat with the string in it.
But Mini mittens and string as a bookmark.......................(a much better idea!!) Sorry for the blurry pic, but I had to ask T to take a picture of my entrelac socks. Have you ever tried to take pictures of your own feet to show of your hand knit socks?? Believe me, not easy!!

And while knitting yesterday, I had the feeling I was being watched. And yes, I looked up and this little bird was sitting just outside the door, looking at me. Maybe he wanted a nice and warm knitted jacked, or some mini-mini-mini socks to keep him warm.

Today T and I are working on his Diorama project, due WEDNESDAY!, Oh, yeah, there is no better thing than last minute projects to get us going. He never made a Diorama, and I loved making them as a kid.
It has to be a scene out of a book he has read at school. Wish me luck, tomorrow we are going to finish it, and then we have to take it to school (in one piece, unharmed)
T is making the little puppets (read stick figures) that go in the diorama. problem is he needs to cut them out and they actually have to stand up.
If it is finished I'll post some pictures.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Egg warmer??

For Easter I wanted to make some cute egg warmers, there where four different hat patterns in my book, mini hat egg warmers, not "normal" hats. I read the pattern and thought seeing the needles sizes, hmmm that might be a little bit big.
So I cast on for the beret, with smaller needles, way smaller needles.
The beret is cute, very cute, if you happen to have an Ostrich egg lying around! My boys had fun though. First the thought of having the eggs hidden underneath some "stupid" (T's words) hats at the Easter table. And when I finished this one and showed it to them, the jokes just kept coming. Finally it ended up on T's sandwich, I took this picture and ever since Easter a week ago, the hat is sitting on top of a mug on the kitchen counter. It will be lonely, the only egg warmer knitted in this house. How about this cute couple?
If I did not know how vicious these little critters can be, I would want one for a pet.
But they are cute out in the wild, when we go for a hike at Pinnacles and have our picnic lunch I always see people feeding them, no wonder they become aggressive. I would go for a nice sandwich and some chips too instead of all kinds of food that I would have to find for myself in the woods.

I went out to forage for our own food this morning, Trader Joe's, my all time favorite market. Of course I had to buy chocolate, they have a huge assortment and making a choice is NOT easy.
And they carry the one and only Pirate Booty, the snack T likes the most.
Tomorrow it is Sunday, already looking forward to a lazy day, knitting on the couch on my entrelac socks, for now, you'll have to excuse me the laundry is ready to be put in the dryer and new laundry can go in the washer. Live goes on............

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Entrelac socks

Ever heard of Entrelac? Well some of mine "in-real-life" and "ravelry-online" friends have started a Knit Along (KAL) We are all knitting the same socks, and sharing them online and some of us every Thursday evening in our "sit'n'stitch".
It is so much fun to see all the different colors people are working in, of course I had to choose two totally out of this world colors, and mine are going to be knee high length.
Perfect to wear with boots, or to a Dr. Seuss book day at school. That would be the only day that I could wear these without hiding them in boots!

Progress so far, both socks are knitted separately on different needles because knitting them on one magic loop was impossible! One is ready for the heel, the other almost.
Now if you will excuse me, it is Thursday night, and I have to go share these with my knitting buddies.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Little house

While on our walk yesterday, we came across this house, the flowering bushes smelled wonderful and it was right in front of their front door. The white picked fence was even pretty, the paint peeled of a little and the blossoms where peeking through. My camera and I spend a good time in front of them to take pictures. The boys just kept walking, they are used to me and my camera and a "different" eye for everything. I just take pictures and more pictures, and once at home I look at them on my screen and enjoy the moment again.

So here you go, some pretty flower pictures.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

San Juan Bautista

What to do on a very nice and sunny Easter Sunday?
You hop in the car and take a little drive anywhere the car will take you.
We love to go to SJB, just a 10 minute drive away, and it is so nice to get out of the car and walk around.
This time there were a lot of cars, a lot! But we found a spot and walked to the mission. Heading that way we knew the reason for the amount of cars. It is Easter Sunday, It is a Mission with a church that is still in service! (duh)
It was so crowded in the church people where standing outside to hear the sermon. Of course I had to peak in and hold my camera up high to take a picture, don't worry I did not use the flash.

And this statue, he has a great spot, what a view!! No matter how often I come here, he is standing there and watching over the land. Right with his feet on the Andreas fault.
Of course I took a lot of pictures, more of them I will post tomorrow.
Now I am going to make myself a nice cup of coffee and watch a sappy old movie. The 1944 version of Jane Eyre with Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine, Oh, and Elizabeth Taylor.
Love those old movies, the boys don't, so I make myself comfy and watch and knit!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Socks, when somebody would have told me when I was growing up, that I would end up knitting socks for fun I would have told them they are crazy!! My grandmother knitted socks, I do remember a pair that was knit especially for me to wear with my pants that came to my knees. They where what we call "stockings" or Knee highs and they would never stay up to where I wanted them, never, ever. I did try to hold them up with rubber bands, bad, bad idea. Did not work. Even worse was the fact that I had to wear them, on Sundays, to look nice! Grandma knit them, and now ........ years later, I knit socks. We now have yarn that has a little elastic in them and they stay the way we want them. And we have all that yarn that has different colors and textures to choose from. We even have yarn made from bamboo and corn!
And we have the Internet and a wonderful site called Ravelry, where we can share patterns, and tips, look at what other people made all over the world.

I have a pair of grandma's socks, never worn, saved, tucked away in a secret spot, otherwise a certain person, (I do not mention any names here) will claim them. Grandma only knitted with one color, every sock was the same, except for the size, that could vary. There was no such thing as circular needles back then. But I regret thanking her for teaching me how to knit and even remember spinning yarn together on her spinning wheel. She did crochet too, a lot, I can do it too, she taught me. The same goes for sewing. I loved spending time over at the farm with Grandma, and I am sure her three other granddaughthers did also.

One of my Fire starters is done and one of the stockings is also almost done. Hey, two socks do make a pair!
We also started an Entrelac sock KAL (knit along) online and with "real-life-knitting-buddies".
More about those later!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ellen with her Hawaii Chair

want a workout? This is totally funny.

B-day boy

Ten years old today, and all dressed in green! After all it is St. Patricks day.
His treat for his classmates today, Green apples and a cookie!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I can not stop singing this....
and best of all it is in English!!

Spring and almost tomorrow

Remember that little birds nest from a couple of posts ago? This is how it looks today. If I was a bird I would move in right away. Who does not want to have this perfect house?
Blossoms right at your doorstep, and when it gets to hot from the sun the leaves will be there and shade is provided. Best of all, it comes with free security. Why, you may ask. We have been on a mission to get the prowling cat from the neighbors out of his little hiding spot. The coffee grind is a big help (thanks for the tip, tante A)
So this property is vacant at the moment, and I know the housing market is very tight at the moment but this nest is ready to be moved in by any kind of bird. We prefer a nice colorful one that can sing beautiful songs in the morning to wake us up.
And then there is a party tomorrow, our little (ahum) boy is turning TEN! My baby, ten years old. I just can not believe the time went so fast. He is happy to point out he is NOT to be called:
Cute, adorable or little. He is a boy, he is cool, from today, and a "tween"ager!! The last one totally cracks me up.
He and his dad bought some tennis gear last week, and everyday they go for a game. I went yesterday and we played for an hour. Oh and we spend ten minutes trying to find the ball we hit out of the court. Imagine this, there is a huge lawn around the court, and just a few, not more then 5 bushes.
Small ones, the park is only two years old and all the bushes and trees are still very small.
I hit, the ball flies over the fence, and in one of those bushes. We see it fly, we see it hit the bush, we hear it too. But we can not find the ball, not in a million years is that bright neon yellow ball to be found. Typical me, I am the only one in this family who manages those kind of weird things to happen.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spring weather

Sharing some pictures I took today. These are taken just out of town, only a few of the orchards remain. This used to be a valley full of orchards. I just love the country I live in.

When we came home, I sat in the garden and knitted for a while.
The lawn was freshly mowed and it smelled great! Spring is here, we are on daylight savings time. And in two weeks it is Easter. Time flies!!

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Big dilemma, what colors to choose next for my stockings?? So far there is a very deep heather red, light blue and a heather golden/orange. For the next phase in my stocking project I need two more colors. A lot for the foot to be knitted and a little bit for the band that sits around the ankle design.
Do I go for the pink/pink, or the blue/pink, or the blue/white or the pink/white?????
Two practical reasons to use the pink for the foot. It is not as white as white (does this make sense?) and maybe, maybe it will keep a certain person from wearing them. (yeah, keep on dreaming).
So I went for this color scheme after a big debate with myself. Main reason, I have to like the colors! Hopefully they will look good together.
Already Saturday today, this morning we went out for breakfast. T is a big, big breakfast eater, not the European breakfast his dad and I grew up on. We had "boterhammen met hagelslag" and "een beschuitje met kaas". For the last one you could wake me up in the middle of the night! Or come to think of it, those little cans of "leverworst" had to be UNOX brand. YUMMMMMMMMMMMM.
T is a bacon and eggs kinda guy, with hash browns of course!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spring and a time change

Spring is on his way............. Look the leaves are ready to show, and there are blossoms everywhere. The nest is from last year, I doubt that there will be any this year, because our neighbors cat is on the prowl.
I need to find a way to fix the hole underneath the fence so he or she, can not use it as a hiding place to stalk innocent birds anymore.

I so like the early spring, all the blossoms and everything starts to grow again. My dh does agree only for the part that it is going to be summer after spring, he loves the heat, I hate it.

Can you believe that this weekend we have to turn the clock back already? I think it is really crazy that they keep doing it earlier and earlier every year, and in the fall they set it forward was to late. It is only a matter of a few years and we don't have daylight savings anymore. Then we just end up in a different timezone all together.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Knitted food

Because a girl has more things to carry that just her wallet and keys, for the last couple of days I have been working on this pretty bag. It is finished, I only have to hand stitch the end of the zipper in the lining, to keep my zipper handle from disappearing.

And look at what I made this weekend, Petite fours, only this kind you can not eat. These are knitted, and they are so much fun to make.

I am definitely going to make one or two more tonight. I envision a whole bunch of them together on a pretty serving plate.

Somebody (not naming names) volunteered me for the fashion show next Saturday. I agreed because the lady of the show called me and I was then informed I was on the list. Oh, it is only in the morning so I said yes. STUPID, very stupid, reminder to all, before you say yes, ask what store they are going to send you.
For me it turned out, it is the "Elderly" store. Not to be rude but even if I was eighty, and would attend a fashion show, I want to see FASHION!
The manager from the store greeted me with a "oh, they send you here??"
Yep, she had my outfits ready. I am quite tall and if I buy pants or any other garment that requires a length 'till your feet, I buy the tall version, otherwise it will be in the middle of a case of "oops the water is rising" and Capri's. It was changed to Capri's that are to short, or should they rest on you knees??
Also I am the first one to be not afraid of color, but even this went to far for me, two of my outfits are three piece suits, with everything in the same screaming color, coral and aqua to be exact.
The third one, considered get this, "school wear" is a denim kinda outfit with shoulder pads.
In both the shirt as the Jacket.
And all the time I was thinking the 80's were over.
I tried to get this resolved on Saturday, but the last word is not spoken over this,
In the mean time my friend who volunteered me is also walking the runway in three gorgeous outfits, on of them a evening gown I would love to have.
I even have to bring my own shoes and accessories, so I am thinking Birkenstock and a walker.
Also little me is due for a haircut, so I am going for the red (fire red) peekaboo colors for sure. I wanted it last year and never got to it, so now it is time.
SHOCK factor..............