Monday, April 28, 2008


I wish it was weekend already!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday knitting

The weather was perfect this morning, a great opportunity to sit in the garden with a cup of coffee, my knitting and a book. While sipping my coffee I started reading in my book. Look at it, it is even signed by the author, the Yarn Harlot. And look my name is spelled right! I have to thank Megpie and Chickenknittle for this wonderful gift. They went to sock camp, and had a week of knitting fun. I love my knitting friends and every week I am looking forward to go to my knitting group. I can't say enough "Thank yous" for thinking of me and bringing me a present!! Next year I want to go too, I'll even promise to behave!!
Gotta, love these socks, these colors are BRIGHT, I keep saying to myself "one more row to see if the color changes" It is like eating a Jawbreaker, you can't wait until the next color.

For dinner our neighbor came over, we do that a lot in the summertime, I am cooking dinner and when he is around the boys hang out and we all eat dinner. After dinner they all head over to the jacuzzi and have "man talk". Who said women talk a lot?? Have you ever heard men talking??

aawwwh how cute!

Have you seen this??
How cute is that?

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I think we have been adopted, she is there every day when I come from work she is there in front of the garage waiting for us.
In the late afternoon she will sit at the back door, waiting for us to come outside and spend time with her.
She loves to be petted and a belly rub is great too. She "belongs" to our neighbors but does a cat really "belong" to anybody or do you belong to the cat?? Oh, well, she loves us and we love her! even my DH had become quite attached to her and as long as she stays outside he will even pet her.
And look she is even Photogenic!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Run for fitness

Today was the run for fitness for all the schools, kids could sign up, train at school and eventually run the "Run for Fitness". T and his class trained at school and he signed up to run the 3.2 miles.
Yes, that's right THREE miles!!
For every mile they got a stick and at the end of the run for those three sticks they got a t-shirt and a baggie with healthy snacks. T's run started at 9.45 am, we had to be signed in at 9.15 for the warm up.
And what are the parents to do while the kids run??? Well a good parent takes a camera and takes action shots of the running kids, which we did. But while waiting for their return (they went of the track into the fields so one lap would be one mile) We sat on the football field.
Lovely fake grass, feels good to walk on, is dry to sit on (and warm) does not need any weeding, mowing or fertilizing nor does it need water.
I want this for my garden

See, you do not even need a chair, you can sit on the 10 yard line with no problems of mud or grass stains.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Andrew sings Pie Jesu

His smile at the end, it is priceless!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Backyard bbq and a song

Finally the temperature was high enough to sit outside and have a nice BBQ for dinner. It was around 86 F yesterday and today. We do not have a spot to sit in the shade yet, our umbrella stand broke last year so in the afternoon as soon as the sun hits the back of the house it is to hot to sit outside in the sun. But after 5 when the sun is behind the houses it is perfect.
We cooked up some nice steak yesterday, and for today I made chicken kabobs.
Last week T decided he would make up a song about my knitting. It is on the tune of "I've been working on the railroad". And I can not blame him I have been knitting every evening this week, there is nothing interesting on TV, so I can watch and knit at the same time.
there is progress on my entrelac socks, both heels are turned, and one is up to the point where I have to make the increases for the calf.

And one of the two fingerless mittens is done, the second one is already cast on and one and a half repeat is already done on those.
Lucky me that I decided they had to be pink, because T really likes them and it fits him really well to, only a little bit shorter please, mom oh, and in blue please, and can you make a sword on it too????
In the next couple of weeks we are going to be busy, we are going to move my office from downstairs to the loft, and put a queen bed in the office/guestroom. It is only about nine more weeks until we expect our first visitors from Holland. And while working, and the warm weather ahead, I want to do this slowly so I only have to do around one or two hours a day.

Monday, April 07, 2008

apple blossoms

Look, our apple tree has blossoms, last fall we had one single apple on our tree. Hopefully this year it will be a little bit more than just one!
And because I am ahead on my fellow KAL members with my entrelac socks and this pattern was staring at me for the longest time, I am knitting a pair of fingerless mittens.
Tycho loves them (except for the color) he likes the pattern on the front of the hand so much he wants a pair in blue. Oh, and on the palm of the hand he would like to have a sword knitted in.

At work it is testing time, I can not remember that we had to do so many test when we where in elementary school. But than again on the other hand I went to school in Holland. We had a school with six grades, only six classes one for every grade and Only six teachers. The principal was also our six grade teacher.
about 40 children in every class room, it was an old building, sadly it was torn down. Never should have happened. I loved that building.
Today we talked about our elementary school days with T. His favorite story is the one of my singing sister.
On her way to school one day, she crossed the street to give a serenade to our neighbor Mrs. Haverkamp.
she walked up to their living room window and belted out this song:
Vrouw Haverkamp, vrouw Haverkamp
Wah hedde grote tiet'n
Hoe witte gij da, hoe witte gij da?
Ik heb zie zelf in m'n handen g'had
Ik heb ze op en neer zien gaan
Ik heb ze heen en weer zien gaan
Vrouw Haverkamp, vrouw Haverkamp
Wah hedde grote tiet'n
For the not dutch readers, it is a song about Mrs Haverkamps bosom.
Mrs. Haverkamp could laugh about it, Mr. Haverkamp could absolutely not...............
Sorry A, but you where a really funny kid, and we just can not think of anything I did..............(ahum)
I hope K is doing the same funny things growing up as his mom did. We all know T can be really funny, especially at the dinner table when he starts asking questions.