Sunday, June 29, 2008

This girl is knitting

There is still a haze in the air, the sun can't come through and the air quality is bad. Advisory is to stay indoors as much as possible. And what is a girl to do besides her required chores in the house?? Knit of course. I did start a lace shawl, it requires counting and a lot of stitches perfect for indoor knitting.

and just one more picture of our dry California hill, see the cows? This bunch is happy that there is a tree to take shelter from the sun.
Pictures of the lace later, after I finish my first (boring) first repeat of the transition chart.

Friday, June 27, 2008

lines on the road

the roadkill picture reminded me to this commercial.


Look what moved into our backyard, and there are three chicks also. This is the only picture I could take, from the kitchen window, nobody is allowed in the backyard other that us, and you have to be on your best behaviour as not to disturb our little family. Hey, we have plenty of birds and nest in our backyard, but we never had a Quail move in. So no more mowing the lawn until this family is all grown up and moved out. Lucky for me sitting and knitting is still allowed. Yesterday we went for a little trip to Pinnacles, our favorite place to visit on a free and lazy day.
Found some critters there too. what do you think of this one, never seen one, and do not know what it is, but looks quite interesting. I have to move in pretty close with my macro lens and I can report it does move!!
And then there was this little fellow, sunbathing on a rock, and he or she was happy to pose for me. I took a whole bunch of pictures and it kept following me with its little head a bit tilted like it was curious to see what I was doing.

Here's another little critter, lately not happy to pose for pictures. I get brushed of with a : "Mom, stop doing that!"
So I just sneak up on him, and take these (please-delete-them-now-mom) pictures. HA
Here are my two men in the dry riverbed looking for nice rocks.

And the landscape of California these days, it is dry, really dry.

Monday, June 23, 2008


The fires are almost contained and although it is still smokey outside it is much better today than it was yesterday. I have to say being so close is not fun, but looking at all the people who just drive down to have a look, is amazing, and scary.

And look, what did I do during the night the fire came so close?? Of course, Knit! one sock down and casting on for the other one tonight.

And if you walk towards Santa Theresa Blvd, away from our house on the corner of where the new high school is going to be, you can see this. This is the hill they had under control the first Saturday night late, we watched them dig the trenches with bulldozers and by morning there was so much smoke we could not see this part of the road.
The weather is better today and it is less hot. T had a friend over this afternoon, and J took the boys swimming while I cooked dinner, I can not believe that already one week from our summer break is gone. Time flies when you are having fun.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This picture was in our newspaper on Friday, and I just had to share. Poor animal first got hit by a car and met his untimely faith, then got painted over by a road crew! Here is the news article that goes with it.


Here is an update, the Whitehurst fire is only 10 percent contained and the smoke here in not funny at all!!
We had to drive to Watsonville for a wedding this afternoon, and there was only one way to get there. Down the 101 and up the 129. The last one only had one lane open and a long line of traffic.
We made it, only 45 minutes to late.

Here you can read all about the fire update

Fire update

One of the fires was dubbed "the Hummingbird fire" because it started off Hummingbird road. This was the fire that threatened the Day road that runs behind us.
The other one is called "the Whitehurst fire" and burns in Madonna park.

So far the hummingbird fire is contained, and no houses where burned. The people on Day rd had to evacuate.
Last night we could see the flames on the hill behind us, this morning that hill is half way burned.
The air is not pleasant and even thought we have all our windows closed, we can smell it.

For more info and pictures click Here

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Too close

We had a rare Thunderstorm today, and of course it is so dry here, it sparked a fire. This one is close, to close.
The fires this year are really bad, and we had a lot. These pictures I took when we took a drive around eight to see how fast it was going. Believe me it is going FAST. Our drive took only 10 minutes and we could see the damage it made in record speed. Roads are blocked and people are scrambling to get their horses out. So far no updates yet, News crews where just unpacking their stuff alongside the road.
the road behind our house
Day road

Watsonville road

And Hecker pass

Hopefully they have it quickly under control.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A day on the Mountain

We are having visitors from Holland, and what to do on a nice day?? You take the whole gang on a field trip.
Where? some place they would not have gone on their own because that place is simply not on every tourist map.
We packed a nice picnic and set out for a drive through the hills with our end destination being Mt. Hamilton, and of course the Lick Observatory. T was happy, and he read his new book about planets and stars on the way up. He is just like a black hole, and sucks up all the info he can get about "The Universe"
Me on the other hand, I am happy as a clam just taking pictures, inside, and out.

I even managed to get a fly to pose for me!!
While crawling around trying to make these (hey, it kept me occupied for at least 45 minutes) it suddenly hit me, no wonder my son tells people who do not know me "This is my Mom, she is a little bit weird, in a good way".

Note to self, have to stop "acting Weird". But then on the other hand, I love my critter pictures. I mean, who does not want to have a nice picture of a fly??

Or a lady bug??

And here is our group, enjoying the view.
I love this place, it has a certain charm to it, the old buildings and the white of the paint against the blue sky.

More pictures to follow tomorrow!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a Scary Sky and knitting

A few days ago there was another wild fire in the Santa Cruz mountains, and yes there where more evacuations and more houses burned down. This fire is called the Martin fire and is burning in the vicinity of Bonny Doon. If the wind is blowing this way and there is enough smoke this is what our world looks like in the middle of the afternoon. Scary, weird and eerie just to name a few words that come to mind when the sky turned orange like this.

Friday was our last school/work day, and when I came home we started cleaning the house for our first guest from Holland to arrive.
J and T took on the vacuuming and I was in charge of the kitchen and the mopping of the tile floors.
Saturday morning we did some groceries and treated T to a videogame, he had a wonderful rapport card and worked very hard, he even had two “O’s” for outstanding and all was proficient or above!! He got an award for “public speaking” (who knew?!?) and was a very proud little boy. Not happy that school was over, he loves to go to school and had a really great teacher this year.
After that is was time for me to go to downtown Morgan Hill, hey, it was WWWKIP day after all!! (World Wide Knit In Public day) We sat in front of Ragoots had lunch and a desert with a gazillion calories and had a load of fun. Sausage dog (Hank) was allowed to sit on the table, and he had fun too.
Around two, I was just about to dig in on my desert, J called that our first visitor arrived.
Now we are waiting for the second round of visitors to arrive, then by tonight we have a “full house” for a couple of days. I did manage to go to Costco this morning and get some steaks to grill on the BBQ for tomorrow, for tonight, it is going to be a “Taco Bar”.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dispatch pictures

Guess what?? check out the newspaper from today.
The pictures I took from our Western day are in there (somewhere) If any one reading this has a paper copy for me I would really like one!!! (shamelessly begging)

Or check them out right HERE

Sunday, June 08, 2008

A busy weekend

It started of on Friday with "western day" at my school. There was a bbq lunch and to top it of the kids watched one of their teachers ride a horse around the campus!

That night it was time for my "end of the year" party from work, and early Saturday morning the Relay for Life started. No pictures from that one, because I just was to lazy to bring my camera. T had a great time, he and a few of this friend got to drive around on the golf cart with one of the organizers from the event. Every time I saw him pass by our row of tents, he had something else to eat. Or another toy or so to play with.

spoiled rotten those boys, by the time he was picked up for his sleepover (yeah, a sleepover with one of his best friends!!) he had more sugar in his system that the whole Ice cream cart combined.

I walked him over to the car of his friends mom and he was not walking but bouncing next to me, telling me what he had consumed over the course of the day.
It is amazing he did not get sick.

His sleep over went fine and although the boys thought they "pulled an all nighter" they did not. ssssssttt, don't tell them, they believe they stayed up all night.
Setting the clock a little ahead helps a lot....................

Monday, June 02, 2008

klompen, apples and surprise jacket

I am still here, the last week was crazy busy as always the last weeks of school/work are.
We are preparing for the next school year, closing this year, there are awards to hand out and ceremonies to give. And don't forget crazy hat/backward day last Friday.
Finally on Saturday afternoon there was time to knit, and we gathered in M's house for some much needed knitting and chatting.
We decided that we need another KAL (knit along) and this time we are going to knit the Baby Surprise Jacket from Elizabeth Zimmerman. I do not have babies to knit for, and no baby shower to go to, I do not need a repeat of my first (and last) one. But one of my friends is going to be a grandma of twins soon, so we are dividing the yarn and knit one each!!
Only thing is, we want the Jacket to have a little longer sleeves, well of course I needed to figure that one out, the jacket is knitted in one piece and folded together.
I set out with some left over yarn that I had in my stash and started knitting the model so we have an idea what it should look like.
Look what is growing in our garden.....................................Yes, after the one lonely apple from last year, we now have a whole bunch to look forward to. J and T are already thinking apple pie, apple sauce, apple......everything. Yum!! For those who want to know the variety is it the Breaburn apple.

Last week I also took a treat in for my third grade classes that I go in for reading. They has so much fun practicing in saying "beschuit met muisjes". I ordered beschuiten, hagelslag and muisjes online and some wooden shoes to walk on.
It was a hit, they loved to eat the beschuit and had a good time with the muisjes, translation "mice". One student asked if they where mice eggs, and he had the whole class rolling with laughter. He looked stunned and after being told that mice do belong in the category "mammals" and do not lay eggs his reply was: "oh, I thought mice lay eggs, and I never tasted them". You just gotta love those kids!!