Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This one is for my sister

A trip down memory lane, my little sister had one of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a yummy surprise

This was on my desk this morning when I came into the office, a caramel apple!
I took it home and tonight with a nice cup of coffee (juice for T) we each had a piece, and there is even some for tomorrow.

Every morning the sun shines in our office at work and we close the blinds, well this morning one of the blinds came down from the wall, poof, in a big ball of dust (of course nobody dusts the blinds in an office)
What to do?? We took a big piece of butcher paper nice and white ( we had the choice of pink, yellow, blue, brown, green and red) and with a couple of pushpins we have instant shade.
Our blinds where dark blue and the white gives a nice light to the space.
New blinds are on the to do list, but for now we have a nice piece of paper.
The question is how long will it stay nice and white, one of the teachers already offered to draw some nice curtains on it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mildred mouse

While doing groceries I picked up a couple of DVDs for my mister goofball, so last night the three of us watched one of the two Mr Bean movies.
Hilarious, just only to come up with the twisted things he does.
And with an up and coming stand up comedian in the house one can never go wrong with a funny movie.

Of course I got distracted again from my Dirndl socks and had to make a mouse in a dress.
Yeah, nothing I can do against the urge to knit something that is not wearable but is just there to look at.
After one evening watching Bean I got this:

And then this afternoon it magically turned into this:

Meet Mildred mouse, a real Victorian lady, she is waving her fan, not for the fresh air but just to be ladylike, imagine her at a nice ball waiting to get her dancing card filled.

T has a friend over and he is staying the night. And with three men in the house the comments about Mildred are relentless. Why did I knit this? and not to mention "pink is really your color, it is soooooo girly" (insert squeaky imitation of a girls voice followed by a giggle attack)
But I got my revenge, I cooked a vegetarian meal today, NO MEAT.
His friend looked at me with big eyes of disbelieve and announced he did not eat vegetables, ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
(of course I knew that and my inner self was having a giggle fit of my own)
I asked what he ate at home and he said "pasta and meat".
To make the matter worse for his friend, T thought is was appropriate to give him a lesson about vitamins and fresh vegetables.
I did hear my voice in there somewhere and I have now the proof that he does listen if his parents give him a lesson for having a balanced meal.
Poor kid, he sat there and picked at his food with a fork, it had greens, and reds (bell pepper) and lima beans.
A little bit of chocolate pudding made him feel much better, and I have a feeling the goldfish that I have for them tonight are not going to last very long.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Working Out Fail

Only one thing to say, ouch!!
Or how to smell your own behind........

Thursday, September 11, 2008

ER and a halloween costume

We took a trip to the ER last night, T is complaining about his chest and shoulder got worse even after the trip to the doctor yesterday. And at around eight he was crying.
He did not even complain that we finally decided to go to the ER.
And you know it has to be bad that anyone would go to the ER without complaining. He was poked and x-rayed and there is nothing wrong with his lungs, the pain they suspect is from the muscles that hold your ribs together, maybe a torn one or maybe some bruised ribs. Cause probably the swimming.
Pain stays for a while and no more fun stuff (swimming and running and roughhousing with friends) 'till the pain is over.
At least he got his picture taken at picture day, just before midnight. We came home around three at night and we were all exhausted.
Why do these things always happen during nights or weekends????????????

The doctor gave him copies of the x-rays, nice, just in time for Halloween to go on his t-shirt.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

no sleep for parents

T has been complaining about shoulder pain for the last few days. We tried to figure out what was wrong and came to the conclusion that it was "just" a muscle pain from to much swimming and running (during weekdays he runs a mile a day at school)
But it was his shoulder and the pain stayed and got worse over the days. Last night he woke us up around one. His pain was bad he said, really bad, he could not sleep and breathing was hurting. After an hour we decided to call the nurse and ask what to do. It is kind of scary if he says that his breathing hurts and his chest starts to hurt. She also suspected a sprained muscle or so, and told us to give him some Ibuprofen. Not the children kind but half the adult dose, and call the doctor in the morning for an appointment.

So this morning at 6 (!!) I called and he could go at 9.45 AM.
The ibuprofen knocked him out around three in the night and the boys where still sleeping when I went to work.
The doctor confirmed the pulled slightly inflamed muscle and he told T not to swim or do other things for a week and rest his arm, on top of some more meds.
Now there are a few problems with this nightly waking of the boy, first he ruined his perfect attendance because he had to stay home today! This we will hear forever, and to top it off it was picture day today (no T in the class pic, oh well)
And he has a b-day party to go to on Saturday, bowling no less, but he can't bowl. I guess they have a volunteer to keep scores.
On the knitting front, I did finish one of the votter (mittens) pfew, now on to the second one, knitting mittens on size o with two colors and 98 stitches in the round is a bit of work.
Of course I got distracted again and just had to cast on the Coriolis socks, for J because he "needs" socks according to him. And he is threatening to wear my nice butter yellow Oolongs.
He did find them the other day and even though I thought I hid them well, but stole them back and hid them even better..............(evil grin)
Going to finish these tonight so he can wear them tomorrow.
And look he can wear them different ways, the Coriolis going out or in, depending on mood or dress code.

Monday, September 08, 2008

our backroads

Watsonville road, just a few minutes from our house, there is some road construction going on and when you pass it you will see this.
It is a two lane road but because of the construction (widening of the bridge) it is a one lane road, hence the traffic light.
It is just one road, and this section does not have any cross roads. The fence on the right side is from a farm which is for sale, the sign from the realtor just a little past the "narrow road" sign.
And if you are a pedestrian in this section (believe me you do not want to walk here in the middle of nowhere) please try to find the crosswalk!
And look there is also a sign for "bike and pedestrians only"???? Just a little question for the people who place the signs, where do I bike or walk??

And then there is this one, just across the street where the little white "pedestrian cross" sign is, Eeeeeeeehhhhh, yeah, the only way I can go is left??? to where?????

According to the sign at the beginning of the road they will be done somewhere in July of 2009. So if you are in the neighborhood don't get confused, the road goes straight, there is nowhere else to go.

T has picture day on Wednesday, and for the special occasion while I was coloring my hair he got a little color too. A barely visible spot of red and he loved it. He is growing into a teenager and gets little mood swings. A whole new experience for everyone in this house.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

cool drinks

We have cool drinks again, and we need them the thermometer hitting the 110 F three days in a row. Even at night it does not cool that much, no marine layer the weather man said. Or no fog from the coast moving in. Any way, it is way to warm and I am sooooooo looking forward for the fall weather. Cold crisp nights and nice and just warm enough to wear a t-shirt or just a sweater during the day.
I love the cooler weather, not to cold, otherwise my RA gets in the way.
Right now I can live with it, sometimes when I come home from work my legs won't work anymore and laying down is the only thing I can do, not really fun for someone who needs to be busy at all times.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

a not so frozen freezer

You know when your freezer is not working anymore when you want Ice cream for dessert and it is already past the state of "frozen treat".
That is what happened to us today, we did hear this strange beep sound followed by a soft click this afternoon and we could not pinpoint where it came from,
Now we know. Our fridge/freezer just quit working. After dinner J went to get some Ice cream for him and T and was very surprised that it was so easy to scoop some out of the bucket. Our should we say, pour.
Lucky for us we have a neighbors who are glad to help out, so our food is safe until we get another fridge.

And while T and I are in school tomorrow, J is going to shop for a new fridge.
Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it is going to be a nice one, and it fits into the space between the cabinets.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Long weekend and a sick boy

It was a three day weekend, and what did we do?? We planned to go out for breakfast on one of the days to T's favorite place OD's. We did not go
We invited our neighbor for dinner. He was invited to a dance.
We wanted to go for a nice drive along the beach. We did not go
So what did we do???
On Saturday morning at six (even at weekdays I can still sleep for half an hour) T came with the announcement he did not feel that well. Directly followed with a run to the bathroom. After two more visits to the little place with the throne, and an accident on the livingroom carpet J installed him with a big bucket in the guest bedroom downstairs with the shortest route from bed to throne and shower.
While I took care of the carpet and the extra dirty laundry (and smelly too) J took care of T.
Poor kid, he felt really sick and was even too tired to watch a dvd.
Sunday was a little better and he even held down some toast!!! and played with his LEGO's

T's reaction to all this: "Good that I got sick in the weekend, otherwise I missed my perfect attendance!!"
He is going for the price this year, last year he missed ONE day. Can't happen again.
So we are going back to school tomorrow, at least I got all my laundry done and some extra to boot.