Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You know when....

You know when your kid is growing into "teenager-age" when:

He completely loses it in a fit of giggles after the word "private investigator".
His reaction;
Really Mom who wants to investigate someones privates????
For those of us who are not really getting it after the first set of giggles (like his mother) privates as in private parts. (yeah)

When you (mother who is not yet ready for all this) suggest that his friend comes over to play, and gets the reply that they don't PLAY anymore, they "hang around".
So when said friend is coming over they don't play with the LEGO's anymore...........NOOOOOO, they "CREATE".

When he and a "new" friend sit in the back of my car and he introduces me with (of course I know friend and friends mom, friend has never been at our house before);
"This is my mom, she is really nice and a bit weird!!"
I still have not figured out if this is to be seen as a compliment or not, of course I asked him and his reply was that I sing out loud in the house and sit and CREATE legos with them.

And the most important one, his hair, it is not really short anymore. He wants it a bit longer, if it only would stay put on the back of his head ( lay flat in the way HE wants it)
Gel is a nono, it has to "flow" and not be sticky.

Every day he seems a bit taller, he still wants to be a Scientist or a Stand-Up comedian. We''ll see.
Lucky for me I still get a hug and a kiss, (not in front of his friends of course)but for how long?
officially he is a "Tween" but that is not real, you either are a kid or a Teenager according to him.

Wish me luck!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

One More

I knit another mitten for the NaKniMitMo KAL, now I have to knit the other one, but I need some input. Do I make the same one Blue with Yellow leaves, or the other way around??
Don't you think it will be fun one blue and one yellow mitten??

The weekend came and went, very quick, before you know it "poof" it is gone and it is Monday again.
Yesterday evening I really enjoyed the mini series "The Last Templar" I also read the book.
Tonight the second part!!!
DS was so disappointed last week that his school did not show or talk about the inauguration that for the rest of the week he refused to participate in "native American crafts".
So on Thursday the basket weaving session went totally wrong. He sat there with his pile of twine and straw and did not do anything but watching the clock. When it finally was time to go home, he put the said twine and straw in the pockets of his jackets and took it home.
Once home he went on an on about the teacher saying; "You kids will have so much fun doing this you don't even want to go home".
T grumbled on an on, and finally took out the pile of "basket-went-wrong" out of his pockets and placed it on the table in front of us.
"Here's my basket, not that you can put anything IN it". (said in very mad strong DS voice)
DH and I went into a laughing fit, soooooo funny!!!
It more resembled a birds nest gone really wrong, than a native American basket.
Now we are waiting for the Moccasins, as of the last reports the teacher had him do them again. he is refusing to make them according to anatomically correct standards out of revenge, and I can not really blame him.
Secretly I am rooting for him.....(don't tell his teacher)

Friday, January 23, 2009

President Obama at the Lincoln Memorial Concert

Wish I was there!!! and you gotta love Stevie!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

From George Washington To Barack Obama - A Long Way - Original Video

How cool is this, all 44 presidents!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tulipomania and baby news

Oh, yes they are DONE!! my Tulip mittens
Here they are, one still wet from blocking, I love them.

And of course I moved right on to the next pair of mittens, no pattern of my own this time.
pictures hopefully tomorrow.
One thing is for sure, they are colorful!!
I almost choose yet again Orange, but rest assured I casted on with some blinding other colors.

On a totally different subject, I am going to be an Aunt again!! Of course I knew but now we can make it official and the baby knitting and sewing can start.

Tomorrow a special day, I am so hoping DS teacher will show the inauguration to the students.
Very important to witness this day, I'll will be watching bits and pieces, I hope, in between testing.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Power Nap

Just sharing one of the cute and really funny pics from this site.

Sunny Sunday

The forecast promised again a sunny nice and for the time of the year an unusual warm day. So we headed to the beach for an afternoon of sand, see and sun!
Perfect day to take some pictures of me and my DS. Just a little bribery was involved to make him pose in a "not-funny-face" with me. The bribe, a game of Age of Treasure on the x-box.
Not really a chore for me, it is a fun strategy game where you have to battle pirate ships to protect your towns. My name "The Pink Death", DS name "The Purple Plague". Yeah, he picked the perfect color to battle his mother.

Here we are, look at that cute face (his, not mine)

And just for fun I snapped this one, while he was not paying attention to his mom with camera.

We wandered along the shoreline, and stumbled upon a dead Elephant seal, let me tell you, I was happy my lunch was long gone. You could smell the poor animal f0r a mile, downwind that is.
Now if you will excuse me, my pirates are calling me, for another game, I might get addicted to this one. Finally a game I can manage and even win from my DS and DH!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Willard Wigan micro sculptor


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Gotta love this picture!!! Did I ever mention "I really want a dog"??
Maybe, some day, a girl keeps dreaming.
almost my birthday.....................................................

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Give a Hoot

Side tracked, Again,

Here are the mittens I just had to knit, and let me tell you they are quick!! Finished one on Sunday afternoon while watching a marathon of "the principals office"
I know it is reality TV, but you know once you start watching, you simply can not stop.
The second mitten was started while commenting the red carpet and Golden Globes, and finished yesterday.
Today, I had to find four buttons for the eyes.

They are a bit small on DS but perfect for a younger child, hmmmm who should I gift these to??

The weather today, surely not mitten weather. It was a balmy warm day, way to warm for winter. I like rainy days and so far there has been maybe only one or two drizzle days, no winter rainy storm day.
On to my next pair of mittens, and finish my Tulipomania ones.

Monday, January 12, 2009

a poem

DS had to write a poem today at school, and as a homework assignment he just needed to put in in a word document and print it (how easy is that?)

He showed us his poem,
it brings a tear in my eye (Proud Mom, you know)
So here it goes:
Friendship is a wave of niceness on a glum day,
Friendship is a fun day with my friends playing the day away,
Friendship is carrying fun on a boring day,
Friendship is goodness in a cruel world.
By T

Friday, January 09, 2009

Parade of States

We worked towards the "Parade of States" for two Months now. First there was the rapport to write. Everything you want to know about the State of Utah had to be in it.
According to that is was thick. It had pages about the state Motto, state flag, state flower, state insect, state fruit, state tree, state song etc. etc.
And finally there was the "Parade of States" every child in his classroom had to build a "float" (shoebox) representing the State of choice.
Choosing a State was very interesting, DS wanted California, it was already taken. Hmmm, then Nevada also taken. Oh, well then the next state over Utah.

He covered his shoebox with paper and went shopping in my extensive supply of craft items for thing representing the state. Doll stuffing (the little plastic beads used for weight) became the Great Salt Flats, a Styrofoam cone became Kings peak with a little fluff for clouds. A metal cherry garland and some wire became the cherry tree, and my little moose became the Elk for state animal. Postcards became the backdrop for Zion and Bryce Canyon and Voila his Float was born!

Here he is on stage, getting the laughs on his hand in explaining that drawing and cutting out the state flower the Sago Lilly was not a spectacular succes.

See the little white triangle thingy in front, it is the just mentioned Lilly.

All lined up, some of the floats.
There was singing at the end of the parade and fun was had by all. Even us the parents did a great job decorating the MPR. Just look at the stage!! (toot, toot)
And for now, it's weekend, on Monday the fun at school starts again!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

paper or plastic

OK, I just have to vent. This afternoon after work I headed out to do the dreaded groceries. There was Costco, quick in and out no worries, no plastic bags.
The items where just put in the cart and in the back of my car. Big things don't need plastic bags.
Then there was the grocery store across the street, the one I absolutely hate, but hey, it sits across the street, it is late and I want to go home.
I do have my own bags, reusable, and nice.
BUT when at the register the lady went for the plastic.
this is the conversation that followed:

Me: I don't need the plastic bags, I did bring my own
Lady: You brought your own???????
Me: Yes!
Lady: OH (total surprise in her voice)
Me: ........................ (stunned)
Lady: Well, than I can't bag them for you!!
Me: (slightly irritated) Fine, I have NO problem in doing it myself

Silence between the both off us during the rest of the transaction.
I took the receipt with a chipper (maybe a tad too) "Thank you" and headed for the exit.
BUT if you leave the store with a cart full of groceries in bags that don't belong to the grocer you are going to be stopped at the door and asked for your receipt.
Just the drop that filled the bucket for me this afternoon.

Once home I told husband and son, of course did not get the response I wanted. And then I opened the newspaper and low and behold there is an article about your rights when a store wants to check your receipt at the door.
I clipped the article and put it in my bag, I am ready for Battle!!!

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Last day of Winter break, tomorrow we again have to get up early. Back into the routine of making breakfast and lunch, pack up and make the dash for the door.
DS asked me this afternoon if I could please wash his socks, he has not taken them off, only to sleep or to get a shower. But now he needs them to be "fresh" for school.
Not that this is his only pair of socks, but it is the pair out of my core stash yarn, what makes them very special (I think)

We went for a little Sunday drive and lunch, it is sunny but nippy outside and last night we had a little frost.
And the first of my mittens is done!! They fit perfect, and I really like the design. (patting myself on the back. hum)

Only thing is Orange is a very hard color to photograph, the colors are more like the picture on the bottom. Now on to mitten number two.

Friday, January 02, 2009

The Gummy Bear Song - Long English Version

You'll never eat a gummi bear again and not think of this song!!! LOL


The first finished object this year!! I started these on December 6.
This afternoon I finished them so DS could wear them. He named them his "comfy socks" and they have been on his feet the minute they came of my needles. He did gave me time to weave in the ends! and already requested a second pair.
How rewarding it is that my son actually likes to wear my knitted stuff. He is also requesting a pair of gloves (no mittens please)

This morning I put away all the Christmas decorations and tore down the tree, gave the kitchen a scrubbing and the floor a good vacuum and mop, and put the bedding in the washer.
Only one more weekend and than we return to school. T can't wait to see his friends again and also still has to make his State Float project. Guess what we are doing this weekend.
Why oh why does he have to do homework during a break????

Thursday, January 01, 2009

January knitting and Uno

Last night we played Uno for a while, had wine and toasted on the New Year.
DS is into playing card games and Uno is one of his favorites, only shuffling the cards is a little hard.
That is why games can get really interesting when there are a lot of reds following a lot of yellow card for example.

When it was just after midnight our time, we called home to wish everybody Happy New year while they where having breakfast. The time difference with the Netherlands is nine hours. Their year was almost half a day old when we started ours.

And today the NaKniMitMo officially started and here is the first little glimpse of my mittens.
I call them Tulipomania, my Dutch heritage wanted me to knit some Tulips in Orange.
So far I really like them.