Friday, January 02, 2009


The first finished object this year!! I started these on December 6.
This afternoon I finished them so DS could wear them. He named them his "comfy socks" and they have been on his feet the minute they came of my needles. He did gave me time to weave in the ends! and already requested a second pair.
How rewarding it is that my son actually likes to wear my knitted stuff. He is also requesting a pair of gloves (no mittens please)

This morning I put away all the Christmas decorations and tore down the tree, gave the kitchen a scrubbing and the floor a good vacuum and mop, and put the bedding in the washer.
Only one more weekend and than we return to school. T can't wait to see his friends again and also still has to make his State Float project. Guess what we are doing this weekend.
Why oh why does he have to do homework during a break????

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