Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Give a Hoot

Side tracked, Again,

Here are the mittens I just had to knit, and let me tell you they are quick!! Finished one on Sunday afternoon while watching a marathon of "the principals office"
I know it is reality TV, but you know once you start watching, you simply can not stop.
The second mitten was started while commenting the red carpet and Golden Globes, and finished yesterday.
Today, I had to find four buttons for the eyes.

They are a bit small on DS but perfect for a younger child, hmmmm who should I gift these to??

The weather today, surely not mitten weather. It was a balmy warm day, way to warm for winter. I like rainy days and so far there has been maybe only one or two drizzle days, no winter rainy storm day.
On to my next pair of mittens, and finish my Tulipomania ones.

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