Thursday, January 01, 2009

January knitting and Uno

Last night we played Uno for a while, had wine and toasted on the New Year.
DS is into playing card games and Uno is one of his favorites, only shuffling the cards is a little hard.
That is why games can get really interesting when there are a lot of reds following a lot of yellow card for example.

When it was just after midnight our time, we called home to wish everybody Happy New year while they where having breakfast. The time difference with the Netherlands is nine hours. Their year was almost half a day old when we started ours.

And today the NaKniMitMo officially started and here is the first little glimpse of my mittens.
I call them Tulipomania, my Dutch heritage wanted me to knit some Tulips in Orange.
So far I really like them.

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