Monday, January 26, 2009

One More

I knit another mitten for the NaKniMitMo KAL, now I have to knit the other one, but I need some input. Do I make the same one Blue with Yellow leaves, or the other way around??
Don't you think it will be fun one blue and one yellow mitten??

The weekend came and went, very quick, before you know it "poof" it is gone and it is Monday again.
Yesterday evening I really enjoyed the mini series "The Last Templar" I also read the book.
Tonight the second part!!!
DS was so disappointed last week that his school did not show or talk about the inauguration that for the rest of the week he refused to participate in "native American crafts".
So on Thursday the basket weaving session went totally wrong. He sat there with his pile of twine and straw and did not do anything but watching the clock. When it finally was time to go home, he put the said twine and straw in the pockets of his jackets and took it home.
Once home he went on an on about the teacher saying; "You kids will have so much fun doing this you don't even want to go home".
T grumbled on an on, and finally took out the pile of "basket-went-wrong" out of his pockets and placed it on the table in front of us.
"Here's my basket, not that you can put anything IN it". (said in very mad strong DS voice)
DH and I went into a laughing fit, soooooo funny!!!
It more resembled a birds nest gone really wrong, than a native American basket.
Now we are waiting for the Moccasins, as of the last reports the teacher had him do them again. he is refusing to make them according to anatomically correct standards out of revenge, and I can not really blame him.
Secretly I am rooting for him.....(don't tell his teacher)


anita said...

Go Tycho Go tycho, is toch ook te zot voor woorden dat ze een oud amerikaans mandje moeten vlechten en er niets gedaan wordt aan het meest historische moment van de geschiedenis waar ze bij zijn. Jeetje zeg volgens mij is het IQ van de meeste kinderen daar hoger dan die van sommige leraren.

Oja en die andere handschoen zou ik lekker andersom doen.

Groetjes Anita

Ruth said...

I love the new mitten ... bright mittens are a healthy antidote to a long grey winter.

And I really love your son's spirit. Do his teachers realize why he is protesting?