Tuesday, January 06, 2009

paper or plastic

OK, I just have to vent. This afternoon after work I headed out to do the dreaded groceries. There was Costco, quick in and out no worries, no plastic bags.
The items where just put in the cart and in the back of my car. Big things don't need plastic bags.
Then there was the grocery store across the street, the one I absolutely hate, but hey, it sits across the street, it is late and I want to go home.
I do have my own bags, reusable, and nice.
BUT when at the register the lady went for the plastic.
this is the conversation that followed:

Me: I don't need the plastic bags, I did bring my own
Lady: You brought your own???????
Me: Yes!
Lady: OH (total surprise in her voice)
Me: ........................ (stunned)
Lady: Well, than I can't bag them for you!!
Me: (slightly irritated) Fine, I have NO problem in doing it myself

Silence between the both off us during the rest of the transaction.
I took the receipt with a chipper (maybe a tad too) "Thank you" and headed for the exit.
BUT if you leave the store with a cart full of groceries in bags that don't belong to the grocer you are going to be stopped at the door and asked for your receipt.
Just the drop that filled the bucket for me this afternoon.

Once home I told husband and son, of course did not get the response I wanted. And then I opened the newspaper and low and behold there is an article about your rights when a store wants to check your receipt at the door.
I clipped the article and put it in my bag, I am ready for Battle!!!

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anita said...

hihihhihi je bent ook zo'n rare hollander, wie neemt er nu zijn eigen tassen mee naar de winkel?
Dat doen wij toch NOOOOIIIIITTT (hihihihi).

Groetjes Anita