Sunday, January 04, 2009


Last day of Winter break, tomorrow we again have to get up early. Back into the routine of making breakfast and lunch, pack up and make the dash for the door.
DS asked me this afternoon if I could please wash his socks, he has not taken them off, only to sleep or to get a shower. But now he needs them to be "fresh" for school.
Not that this is his only pair of socks, but it is the pair out of my core stash yarn, what makes them very special (I think)

We went for a little Sunday drive and lunch, it is sunny but nippy outside and last night we had a little frost.
And the first of my mittens is done!! They fit perfect, and I really like the design. (patting myself on the back. hum)

Only thing is Orange is a very hard color to photograph, the colors are more like the picture on the bottom. Now on to mitten number two.

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CoasterMeg said...

Lovely lovely lovely!! Now don't get Second Mitten Syndrome! See you tomorrow,