Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunny Sunday

The forecast promised again a sunny nice and for the time of the year an unusual warm day. So we headed to the beach for an afternoon of sand, see and sun!
Perfect day to take some pictures of me and my DS. Just a little bribery was involved to make him pose in a "not-funny-face" with me. The bribe, a game of Age of Treasure on the x-box.
Not really a chore for me, it is a fun strategy game where you have to battle pirate ships to protect your towns. My name "The Pink Death", DS name "The Purple Plague". Yeah, he picked the perfect color to battle his mother.

Here we are, look at that cute face (his, not mine)

And just for fun I snapped this one, while he was not paying attention to his mom with camera.

We wandered along the shoreline, and stumbled upon a dead Elephant seal, let me tell you, I was happy my lunch was long gone. You could smell the poor animal f0r a mile, downwind that is.
Now if you will excuse me, my pirates are calling me, for another game, I might get addicted to this one. Finally a game I can manage and even win from my DS and DH!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Nou mijn lunch had er netjes naast gelegen hoor.

Groetjes Anita