Monday, January 19, 2009

Tulipomania and baby news

Oh, yes they are DONE!! my Tulip mittens
Here they are, one still wet from blocking, I love them.

And of course I moved right on to the next pair of mittens, no pattern of my own this time.
pictures hopefully tomorrow.
One thing is for sure, they are colorful!!
I almost choose yet again Orange, but rest assured I casted on with some blinding other colors.

On a totally different subject, I am going to be an Aunt again!! Of course I knew but now we can make it official and the baby knitting and sewing can start.

Tomorrow a special day, I am so hoping DS teacher will show the inauguration to the students.
Very important to witness this day, I'll will be watching bits and pieces, I hope, in between testing.

1 comment:

SaYet said...

Die zijn heel leuk geworden &
Veel succes bij het maken van dat leuke babyspul !