Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You know when....

You know when your kid is growing into "teenager-age" when:

He completely loses it in a fit of giggles after the word "private investigator".
His reaction;
Really Mom who wants to investigate someones privates????
For those of us who are not really getting it after the first set of giggles (like his mother) privates as in private parts. (yeah)

When you (mother who is not yet ready for all this) suggest that his friend comes over to play, and gets the reply that they don't PLAY anymore, they "hang around".
So when said friend is coming over they don't play with the LEGO's anymore...........NOOOOOO, they "CREATE".

When he and a "new" friend sit in the back of my car and he introduces me with (of course I know friend and friends mom, friend has never been at our house before);
"This is my mom, she is really nice and a bit weird!!"
I still have not figured out if this is to be seen as a compliment or not, of course I asked him and his reply was that I sing out loud in the house and sit and CREATE legos with them.

And the most important one, his hair, it is not really short anymore. He wants it a bit longer, if it only would stay put on the back of his head ( lay flat in the way HE wants it)
Gel is a nono, it has to "flow" and not be sticky.

Every day he seems a bit taller, he still wants to be a Scientist or a Stand-Up comedian. We''ll see.
Lucky for me I still get a hug and a kiss, (not in front of his friends of course)but for how long?
officially he is a "Tween" but that is not real, you either are a kid or a Teenager according to him.

Wish me luck!!

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Anonymous said...

ja kleine kinderen worden groot!!!!!
met hun eigen meningen en opmerkingen.
hoe is het bij jullie??
hier gaat het de laatste tijd niet zo lekker!
JR is herstellende van een ms aanval en JD heeft vorige week 3 dagen in het ziekenhuis gelegen hij was uitgedroogd en donderdag hebben we Gipsy in moeten laten slapen,hoop snel iets van je te horen
dikke kus Wietsina