Saturday, February 28, 2009

a day at Stitches

We had a wonderful day at Stitches Megpie and me.
Before heading over to Stitches we first went for our breakfast at the Original Pancake house. I was so excited to see and smell all that yarn!!
We beelined it over to the Blue Moon booth first and I scored two Mill ends(both lightweight), one rare gem(heavy weight) and one skein of lightweight "Spawn of Braun".

Do you see my need for loud colors?? The nice lady in front of me in line had all browns, blacks and very dark colors, and then me with-my-sunglass-ready-if-you-knit-skeins-of-yarn, we look at each other and start the color conversation. Yes it is true, one always gravitates towards the same colors. For me, Green, Yellow and Orange, not the subdued colors, not the darker versions, no, I need the loud ones, can't help it, it's in my genes. No need to fight it anymore.

The two skeins on the bottom left are Tess' designer yarns.
And then there is the "speckled" skein from Pigeonroof Studios in the colorway Chard.

And last but not least some cascade 220 super wash for a certain baby not yet born, sources tell me the mom really likes red.
We headed home but not after a nice lunch at Red Robin (sssshht don't tell DS) Until next year, we'll be back!!!

Once home I just had to cast on for a new project and DS wants a hat in blue, so I balled up the blue yarn and cast on for the Syncopated cap. Of course I also had to try my brand spanking new square needles. So far I love the needles not the "limp" cord.

This morning it was time again to do some of the dreaded house hold chores. By two in the afternoon the bedding was changed, the kitchen scrubbed and the bathrooms too.
Some loads of laundry had been done and folded, DH offered to vacuum and zoomed through the downstairs.
After that it was time to relax and watch the missed episode of Hell's Kitchen.
Made a big batch of enchilada's with loads of garlic for dinner, and plenty of leftover for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

yep ik hou van rood, oranje en fel blauw hihihihihihi

Groetje sAnita

Anonymous said...

hoi dorien,

ik zou je graag willen bellen,maar hoorde dat je huis telefoon er niet meer is ,hoe kom ik nu met jouw in contact???

groetjes Wiets