Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Orange, the color of the day

Look, this is my Birthday present from Megpie, she knows me well! My fondness of bright and happy colors. This yarn is sooooo beautiful and it was a pleasure to knit with. This is what I made, used up one and a half skein, the other one and a half skein will be some very nice hand warmers to go with this neck warmer.

And to keep with the color theme, here is just a little of our harvest of oranges. Who would have ever thought that we would be able to just walk into our garden and get oranges of our tree.
While living in The Netherlands this is almost impossible (unless you are the queen and have a greenhouse that big that Orange trees can grow in there)
These moments remind me that I am so fortunate to live in this country, I love it here and I can not imagine going back.

Look freshly pressed orange juice, and nice smelling oranges!!

This Friday I am taking the day off from work to go to Stitches West, I am so excited!!
A nice long weekend of wonderful yarn petting awaits!!!!

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