Monday, February 16, 2009

A poem

Our son writes poems, he has to for homework.
They are compiling a book full of poems, and he does it with such ease it is scary.
It takes him about 5 minutes to come up with one.
He looks around, and announces "oh I am going to write about cheeze-its today". He is that kind of kid that doesn't want to do his writing test, because it was just not his day. But pulls off this like he is doing it every day.

Here is one;

Rain is a drop of life on the desert of pain and death,
rain is a blast of happiness on a cold hard surface,
rain is a flood of relief when a drought happened,
rain can mean life or death.
by TK
The teacher gave them eight subjects to write about and then they had to come up with 5 of their own.
DH and I are again stunned, where does this kid get this from????

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